How To Setup TP Link Extender Without WPS? Learn In Easy Steps

TP Link Extender Setup Without WPS

Are you unhappy with your Wi-Fi range? No worries, you can extend its range using a TP link extender and enjoy stable speed. Here is a detailed guide on TP Link Extender Setup without WPS.

Irrespective of the number of devices connected to your Wifi and its locations, TP Link Extender, can unlock its potential speed and maximize it. So, if you don't know how to set up a TP Link extender, this guide will help you. In this post, we have mentioned easy steps to learn TP Link Extender Setup without WPS Button. Do you have a router with a WPS button? No need to worry; you’ll find a solution for that too. So, let’s go for it!

What is a TP Link Extender?

Put simply, the TP-Link range extender is simply what the name suggests. It is a WiFi range extender made by an American Company TP-Link to increase your WiFi range and signal strength. The extender connects to your WiFi router wirelessly, strengthening and expanding its network to the areas beyond its reach. The device also minimizes the signal interference to ensure stable and reliable WiFi coverage throughout the home, office, and other places where the WiFi signal is interrupted by walls and other hurdles. Using this device, you can ensure a reliable wireless connection even at the furthest corner. If you don't know how to install it, read this post to learn the TP Link Extender setup without the WPS button.

Why Do You Need A TP Link WiFi Extender?

When you get an internet connection, your internet provider installs a router ( a box with antennas). It connects wirelessly to the satellite and provides internet to all the devices connected. So, the router basically works as a terminal that provides reliable internet wirelessly throughout your home via ethernet. Ethernet cable is a wire that ensures maximum speed with zero obstacles, but the WiFi other hands produce signals that are subject to be interrupted by various objects such as wall and home entries, etc.

While these signals are energy waves, the signals are likely to be weakened depending on their distance from the main source (router). An effective range of an average router is approx 300 ft. But inside a home, there are walls, doors, furniture, and many other objects that absorb the energy from waves and drastically reduce the energy by 50%. That’s why it is important to have a TP-Link WiFi Extender.

Do you want to learn TP Link Extender Setup without WPS? Here’s how to do that. But it is better to learn how it works. So, let’s understand the process to amplify your WiFi speed.

How Does TP Link Extender Work?

So far, we’ve learned almost everything about the WiFi Extender, except its process and TP Link Extender Setup without WPS. You will soon go for it, but do you know how this extender works? In the simplest words, this extender connects to your router, gets signals, and simply rebroadcasts them. It also works like a mini router. But unlike a router, an extender doesn’t distribute the internet or connect with other devices. An extender is simply a medial between your WiFi Router and devices.

Pre-planning: TP Link Extender Setup Without WPS

Connecting an extender with your router with or without a WPS button is a simple process. However, it takes some time and attention. Here’s a step-by-step guide on TP Link extender setup without WPS. Let’s check it.


Setting up your extender is simple, but you’ll have to be careful about placing it. Find a perfect place to place this device so that you can get uninterrupted wireless signals even in the deepest corner of your house.


Before learning TP Link Extender Setup without WPS, you must have a few things:

  • IP Address

  • SSID

  • Password


If you don’t have any of these:

  • Open Command Prompt

  • Type ipconfig/all


Now use this IP address to log into your router. If you don’t know your ID password, connect to your Internet provider.

That’s all. Now it is time to learn TP Link Extender Setup without WPS.

TP Link Extender Setup Without WPS

  • Plugin the extender and connect it with your PC or laptop using an ethernet cable

  • Open a browser and visit

  • Choose Quick setup > Region and then click on Next

  • After scanning, select your WiFi network and click next

  • Now enter the password of your main WiFi router, and that’s it


The TP Link Extender is undoubtedly one of the best WiFi range extenders in the market. It is easy to set up and also affordable. Whether or not this guide helped you, let us know in the comments below.


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