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Discord bots are an essential tool for all leading Discord servers. The Best Discord Bots can include many additional features to your program, including games, music, chats, polls, jackpots, and many more. Best Discord Bots are required to be added for building an excellent Discord Server.

With the availability of many discord bots, it is hard to pick the suitable one for your server. Intending to assist you, we have selected the ten best Discord Bots that anyone can add to their server. 

Let’s have a brief introduction about each of the Best Discord Bots on our list. 

1. MEE6

MEE6 is one of the best Discord Bots to maintain discipline during the conversations on the server. This bot can automatically scan the chats to track rule violations, including slang, spam, loose talk, foul language, or outside links. You can set up MEE6 commands to take action against such rule violations. It enables to ban or mute a user continuously violating the rules even after frequent warnings and alters. 

Besides being a moderator, MEE6 can also be used to play music. Also, it functions to ‘level up’ the active and moderate users. That means it opens the exclusive server roles for those users who have a higher level of server participation. 

2. Dank Memer 

One of the best Discord Bots for memes, Dank Memer, provides a progression of bot commands that enables you to fetch the relevant meme in any conversation. Also, it facilitates generating your own memes. Moreover, it bestows a “currency system” through which a user can earn coins on the server either by sneaking from other users or by gambling. These coins can be used to purchase exclusive items via meme bot shops. Users can invest this currency in playing more exciting games or just to show off. 

3. Helper.gg 

Apt for businesses and client service units, Helper.gg offers a ticketing system to plan projects or assist clients, that is why we placed it at the third spot in the list of the Best Discord Bots.  With this bot, Discord-creators can use these tickets to tag relevant channels to raise the issue in front of the right team. Tickets can be organized or closed by the team members once the issue is resolved. This feature costs nothing, but you can subscribe to a premium plan for $3.5/month to unlock the tailored tickets and interpretation facility. In conclusion, Helper.gg is one of the best Discord Bots for the units reaching clients through Discord. 

4. Octave 

Octave is one of the most sought-after music bots for Discord as it allows you to play tracks through Youtube or Soundcloud on your voice channels. Also, users can create their playlists, add more tracks to them, replay or pause. Moreover, it lets you display the lyrics of the songs. With a premium subscription, you can control the music station by making more extended playlists and having a customized equalizer to regulate the volume, bass, treble, and numerous filters. Such music-oriented features make Octave one of the best Discord Bots for music. 

5. IdleRPG 

Developed for role-play games, IdleRPG enables users to take pleasure in test-based role-play games. It allows players to create a customized character who can hunt, trade items, join combats, talk with Gods, and get coupled with other players. Additionally, through this Discord Bot, you can create your own saga and get exposure to the extended division of role-play games with numerous diverse types of bot commands. 

IdleRPG commands are free of cost to use if the bot is added to the Discord server, but if you donate to the sponsor of the bot, you may have a chance to get an in-game prize or jackpot. Due to the enjoyment, IdleRPG renders to the role-play games; it makes a prominent place in our list of the best Discord Bots

6. Arcane 

Like MEE6, Arcane is also one of the best Discord Bots developed for moderation,  leveling, and motivating better server participation. Server-creators can set up the leveling system to decide the rewards. This bot also helps in voice leveling while members are participating in voice chat. The auto-moderation enables to sort newly joined and non-existing members, block spam and spoilers. In addition to this, it can warn, mute, or ban members who are frequently involved in rule violations. 

It is pretty functional for influencers in particular. It notifies your fans on Discord while you post a new video. With a premium subscription, you unlock Youtube notifications for up to 10 channels and unlimited roles. 

7. MedalBot 

Due to its multi-functionality, MedalBot is a clear-cut addition to our list of the Best Discord Bots. It allows gamers to create and view video game clips within the server. Moreover, a user can view any video game clip that exists within Discord. Also, it lets you sort your searches as per game or theme. 

Apart from that, it is also utilized for moderation as well as music. It spots the spam, puts certain defaming words on the blacklist, and can mute or block the offenders. MedalBot enables you to play music or songs through youtube. All the features are free; all you need to do is create a Medal account.  
8. Xenon

One of the Best Discord Bots, Xenon is designed for backup. It enables Discord-creators to upload a server template and pass on messages between various channels. Also, the bot assists you in restoring and rebuilding your server if something unwanted happens. Xenon includes templates designed for gamers, educational groups, and fan-base in multiple languages. These templates consist of outlines for channels, categories, server roles, and much more. When it comes to restoring, you have alternatives for it, either manually or performing automatic backups. The free version of the Xenon bot can be used for one interval backup and 25 backups per server. 

9. Apollo 

Apollo is one of the Best Discord Boats intended for scheduling. With this bot, a server-creator can schedule an event within the discord, and associated members can show their status whether they are attending or not in different ways. You can delete the event any time you want or can put it on schedule to be deleted automatically at a fixed time. The bot sends reminders for events to each member privately. Moreover, It is able to create events that are required to be repeated so you don’t have to bother with it. 

10. Tip.cc

Tip.cc assists you by sending tips and suggestions concerning cryptocurrency on Discord. There are no charges for the tips and users can tip to whoever they want, besides having a cryptocurrency wallet. Even a user can tip multiple other users at the same time. This exclusive bot enables you to deposit or withdraw within the server. 

Now, you are familiar with some of the Best Discord Bots and there are a lot more that are accessible for diverse functions and with numerous features. With their amazing function, they have made our life easier and exciting. You just need to determine your need to enhance your server and certainly, there will be a Discord bot for it. 


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