Here Are 5 Proven Tips To Fix Google Chrome Issue On Windows 10

How to Fix Google Chrome Issue on Windows 10

Google keeps improving chrome and it recently reported a genuine issue. For some technical reasons, now Google has detected a serious new issue in its product chrome which cannot be fixed soon, and it’s all down to Windows 10. 

Windows announced a new update in May which is causing more & more problems for those using Google Chrome as their default browser. They are being logged out of their account for each time they restart their system. The same has been reported to happen with other softwares too, including Sykpe and 

As windows recently noticed, there are plenty of reports of this bug on Google’s own support forum and on Reddit, with anecdotal indications that this bug not only affects the Chrome Browser, but also interrupts other applications & software including Skype, and Microsoft Edge as well. There are several common questions that nearly all Windows 10 users will have;

“I can’t open my Google Chrome browser after the Windows 10 Creators Update! Help!”

“My Windows 10 runs into the Google Chrome problems. The browser is not working.”

“Any solutions for fixing Chrome not opening on Windows 10?”

“The Internet is connected but the Chrome not working happens after the Windows 10 update.”

Most people facing this issue since they’ve updated their Windows 10 with the latest update in May 2020. Sometimes you may find your Google Chrome browser crashes or won’t open. But don’t worry, this blog will take you through 5 different ways to fix the Google Chrome not responding issue on Windows 10. Let’s go!

Top 5 Easy Ways to Resolve Google Chrome Not Working Issue on Windows 10

If you just cannot let this happen anymore, you can try the following solutions to resolve your issue.

Way 1: Resolve Google Chrome Not Responding Issue in Windows Safe Mode

  • Enter the Safe Mode on Windows 10
    • Click to Start Menu

    • Go to Advanced Options

    • Click the Restart Option

    • Hit the F5 Key to Enable Safe Mode on Windows 10 With Networking

  • Clear Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome

    • Open Google Chrome

    • Backup Your Essential Data, Password and Other Things

    • You Can Use Shortcut Keys for This Ctrl + Shift + Del

    • Clear Your chrome Browsing Data, including Cache, Download History and All. 

  • Disable the Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome
    • Open Google Chrome Settings

    • Click the Main Menu Icon on the Top Left Side

    • Click to Show the Drop Down into Advance Entry

    • Choose the System Option

    • Click the Off to Disable Use Hardware Acceleration

    • Click Yes When Google Asks You To Restart The Browser

Way 2: Modify The Properties of Your Google Chrome Browser

  • Start With Right Click The Chrome Icon

  • Go To Properties in the last

  • Select the Compatibility Tab

  • Click The Change  Settings for All Users

  • Uncheck Run This Program in Compatibility Mode Under the Compatibility Mode

  • Check the Run This Program as an Administrator Under the Settings

  • Click Apply

  • Click Okay to Apply the Settings.

Way 3: Add Reliable Multicast Protocol and Troubleshoot the Chrome Not Working Issue

  • You Can Do It Through Windows Shortcut Keys Win + R to Launch Run

  • Type ncpa.cpl into That Bar

  • Go To Network Connections, 

  • Right Click To Enter The Properties

  • Scroll Down and Choose Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

  • Click to Install the Settings

    • Choose Protocol and Add

    • Choose Reliable Multicast Protocol and Add

  • Now Apply or Configure

Way 4: Reset Winsock Catalog From Default Settings

  • Go To Start Menu

  • Scroll Down To W Category in the App List

  • Click on Windows System Folder

  • Right Click on Windows Icon to Expand Command Prompt

  • Choose Run as Administrator

  • Type to Command: Ntesh Winsock reset

  • Click to Apply

  • Restart Your System When It's Done

Way 5: Download Network Driver for Windows 10 to Access Google Chrome

Sometimes we forget to keep our system or Windows updated or sometimes the update misses some important files as well. So, Windows Drivers are available online that provide your system with essential files to run all the software smoothly. You can download any Windows Driver online and follow the steps given there at the time of downloading. 

These are the 5 most effective and proven ways to fix Google Chrome not responding issue on Windows 10. As Microsoft may take a while to come up with a precise solution for this technical glitch these are the only ways you can use to resolve your Chrome issue. If you’re facing the same issue even after going through the above mentioned steps, kindly let us know.


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