Telecommunication Industry: Top 5 Leading Telecom Companies In US

Telecom Companies in us

With the entry of 5G and AI into the picture, leading telecom companies around the world can capitalize on this all-new infrastructure to retain more & more customers. If we talk about the Telecommunication industry in the United States, telecom has been reached out to nearly every corner of the USA. The biggest and leading telecom companies in US have been providing data plans, voice plans along with other VAS services. The top telecom brands in the USA, including companies like AT & T, Verizon, Comcast, Charter, T-mobile, etc. 
As everything has moved online in the USA, from elementary schools to college classes, from the company’s workforce to shareholder meetings, everything is online amid the coronavirus pandemic. Whole regions have turned into abandoned places under the coronavirus threat as corporations ask employees to work remotely. Learning, hospitality to all types of entertainment and other services — shuttered down and forced people to stay home. So, the people are relying on their home broadband networks to interact and connect to the outside world. 
Our list of top 5 leading telecom companies in US give insights into the top telecom companies in the USA and how they manage to provide best-in-class services even at this time of pandemic. 

1. U.S. Cellular

With $4,022 billion revenue in the 2019 annual year, United States Cellular Corporation is a local carrier in the USA, having its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. As per revenue generation, the company is the top wireless telecommunication network in the United states. It serves around 5 million customers in 427 different markets across 23 states in the US. 

2. AT&T Mobility

With $181.2 billion in annual sales in 2019, AT&T is the biggest telecom company in the United States, headquartered at the Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is perhaps the biggest and leading telecom company that provides wireless services to 165.9 million subscribers in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also the company is the biggest cell phone provider in the United States and popular for its high-end customer services. 

3. Verizon Communication

Verizon Communication is one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the United States located at 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan. The corporation is the third leading telecom provider in the USA with its annual revenue of up to $131.7 billion. Verizon and it’s affordable plans indicate that the company constantly focuses on customer retention. Verizon operates across four segmented units, namely wireless services, enterprise service, residential & small services and partner programs. 

4. T-Mobile

With the advantages of advanced technology, T-Mobile is one of the leading telecom companies in the United States operating remote system administration in the US. It is located in Bellevue, Washington, and offers remote voice, data, and wireless services in the entire United States. In 2018 T-mobile was enlisted as No.1 customer service satisfaction telecom company in the US with its revenue of $45 billion. 

5. Sprint Corporation

Sprint Corporation is the fifth biggest telecommunication company in America, headquartered in Kansas, United States. The organization provides remote administrations and is an affordable & reliable web access provider. Sprint is the fourth leading wireless network provider in the United States after AT&T and Verizon Communication. The company served 54.3 million customers as of June 30, 2019, before its acquisition by T-Mobile on April 1, 2020.
These are the 5 leading telecom companies in the United States that are offering best-in-class customer services. However, the pandemic may have affected their services and revenue as well. With a tally of 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases, the United States tops the lost if most COVID-19 affected countries. And it was the time all the major telecom companies in US were set to provider 5G networks to strengthen their subscribers. 
At this time when most people are forced to stay at home, work remotely and even the health care providers are opting for telecommunication to render patient care, it was essential to ensure the quality bandwidth. It was anticipated that 5G is going to become the cover case for many businesses, including health care, human interaction, etc. Everyone believed that 2020 was to be the year of 5G, the fifth and most powerful and feature-rich generation of wireless technology was to be introduced. The 5G network was anticipated to provide a download speed of 100 times faster than 4G and some other advantages as well. However, it rolled in before rolled out, and U.S. Cellular, a most renowned telecom company in the USA was set to introduce this to its users first. And some other companies were busy in the aquission game, but everything remains uncertain amid the coronavirus crisis. 
Laced with Wi-Fi 6, 5G may revolutionize the market for remote workers and remote schoolers. But it remains uncertain at some points as to how long it will stick into this?


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