5 Best Android TV Games to Play In Your Spare Time

Best Android TV Games

Playing games must be the best thing to do in spare time. However, everyone has a different point of view regarding games like some of them are addict whereas some play games for just refreshment. It is the best mind to refresh thing when you are totally fed up. No doubt, spending 9hours in the office is not as easy but gaming is the best way to get relax and remove your stress. Not only office guys, in fact, but kids are also the one who streams games more than anyone. 

After streaming games on android phones, now smart TVs also become powerful and flexible in terms of gaming. Thanks to the smart TVs like Xiaomi, sony, iFFALCON K2A, and others. Nowadays everyone has a Smart TV in their home and if not then it is the time to get an Android TV to enhance your feasibility. There are quite a lot of games available on the internet but we are recommending these 5 Best Android TV Games which you can readily play on your Android TV. Everyone has a different taste and interest so hopefully, these will help you somewhere. 
Let’s have a deep discussion on Best Android TV Games apk.

1.       Asphalt 8

Asphalt games are one of the favorites all time android game. Luckily, you can also enjoy this game on your smart TVs while lying on your bed which will offer you even better joy. On your Android TV, the game is available on Play Store and goes absolutely fine on Mi Box. 
The game let you race in a luxury car and motorbike. Moreover, you can choose a vehicle according to your interests from fully licensed vehicles, including Lamborghini Veneno, a Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitness and a Porsche 977 GT3 RS. The game offers diverse racing tracks like Las Vegas and Tokyo. Also, there are overall nine seasons across 400 individual events.  So enjoy this game on your Android TV.


2.       Into the dead 

If you are horror games or movies lover, then Into the Dead is one of the best Horror android games ever. Moreover, playing the game on a bigger screen gives you a much better experience of gaming. The big screen gives you a much deeper experience. The ghost runs automatically and you just need to have control over it by turning left or right to avoid zombies (obstacles like trees and abandoned cars).  Not only this, but you also need to avoid shooting from weapons that you can pick up from crates dropped randomly. Basically, the game is an endless runner and gets more difficult to play when the distance increases. 
You will find more fun when you start playing so we will not disclose the whole game here. So go and enjoy this Android TV Multi-player Game


3.       NBA Jam

If you are a sports lover especially basketball and what if we’ll tell you NBA Jam is the game that is totally a basketball game? Yes, NBA Jam is the game that allows you to play two-on-two basketball where you can score baskets, shove your opponents around and hopefully go on fire. The game automatically gets you on fire if you don’t answer three baskets by the same player. Basically, the game is online and plays on local multi-player mode along with a single player campaign. It is to be said that it is the best game for kids who have more interest in sports, as they can learn extensively with the help of this game. 
It will be more enjoyable when your game is team up with large Screen something like smart Tv’s. 


4.       Real Racing 3

Are you fond of playing racing games? If yes, then here is the game namely Real Racing 3 which best in terms of racing games. Moreover, it would be more interesting and impressive when you will play on a large screen like smart TV. The game contains 140 cars and 17 tracks to race through. It is featured with online multiplayer modes and many other things. Overall, it is a fantastic game for race lovers. Being an android game it’s been the best racing game and now it has become lovable as Android TV Multiplayer Games.


5.       Dead Trigger 2

If you like to play the first-person survival game, then Dead trigger 2 is one of the best Android TV Games Controllers. Basically, it is a zombie apocalypse game. In Dead Trigger 2, you can walk through the map, complete objectives and a lot more. You need a gamepad to play this game. You can check the level of the game in real time. Also, new missions give you access to tons of crazy weapons like grenade chickens and rocket chickens. However, you need to spend some pennies if you wish to have some other features as well. 
Your will extremely double when you access it on Smart Android TV. 


Although, as we told above that there are several games are present but we have selected five Best Android TV Games. So if you want to try excellent gaming experience then you have come to the right place. Also, this is the best idea to spend quality time with your family members. These games are really genres to kill time.


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