Top 7 Lists Of New Alexa Features

Alexa Features

Alexa is the visual voice-controlled assistant of Amazon for its Amazon Echo and Echo Dot which runs words into actions. If you are looking for the best Alexa smart speakers for smart-home control, queries, or music, then Amazon Echo is the best one to purchase. With the help of the products of Alexa, it controls the most smart-home devices, works with all Alexa platform updates, and plays your music on request. Alexa responds to voice control by returning information on products like weather, sports, music, news, and so on. Apart from the Echo products, Alexa also supported by Fire HD tablet and Fire TV set-top box products of Amazon.

The users of Alexa’s products are increasing day by day. More and more people are started using Alexa for their daily activities like making a to-do list, switching on and off the lights of the room, setting a reminder, and many more. It has proven to do the most famous virtual assistants and Amazon keeps on adding more features upon Alexa now and then.

To know about the benefits of all the new features of Alexa, read the following points;

1. “Alexa Tell Me What Did You Hear?” 

Saying to Alexa “Tell me what you heard”, it may lead to the digital assistant sharing what exactly she “heard” you say. It is similar to a small addition. But it will add a small clarity for users. It may seem that this feature is going to be really helpful. Here, you can use this to check what did Alexa hears and ask her the reason why she responded in that particular way. It will make Alexa explain why it performed any action. In some cases, if music will begin to play randomly, users can check whether that streaming was started through Bluetooth.

For example; if some audiobook will start to play out of the blue, while you made a command for something else. When you ask “Alexa tell me what you heard” and Alexa will explain why it performed that particular action.

2. Communication For Kids & Free Time 

Communication for kids will allow the children to communicate with contacts preapproved by parents. Free time on the Echo Show will give the kids access to games and many other different activities. Under this feature, kids can able to talk to contacts assigned by their parents only. They also play certain games and also enjoy many echo shows.

3. Alexa In Celebrity Voices 

Amazon is going to roll out a feature of celebrity voices for Alexa. It seems that “voices” which will actually be partially generated based on the limited recordings with the celebrities so that the feature remains to be seen effectively. It is believed that by the end of this year the celebrity voice feature will be available for use.

4. Detect Frustration 

If Alexa senses frustration in the voice of the user, if she plays the wrong song after a request, then she will apologize and attempt to clarify and recover. Though Alexa cannot sense the emotion in the voice command, Amazon has come up with this new feature.

5. Cook food with the help of Alexa 

Alexa will now able to help the users in cooking food through food network collaboration. And the users will be able to access recipes by taking cooking classes on Echo Show devices. It will available with some commands like “Alexa, show cooking classes from Bobby Flay”, “Alexa save this recipe”, etc. Now, it will assist you in making delicious dishes.

6. Auto Delete The Voice Recordings 

Amazon is having a number of privacy criticisms over the past few years. To continue these privacy concerns, Amazon is adding more and more user choices. Users will ask Alexa to “Delete everything I have said today”. The voice recordings can be chosen to be deleted every 3-18 months.

7. Control The Wi-fi Settings 

If the users want to control the Wi-fi settings, they may use certain brands of a router to control the access of Wi-fi. It means like “Alexa may pause the Wi-fi on Bryan’s PlayStation”, “Alexa pause the Wi-fi on the tablet”, and many more.


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