Why Is My Taskbar White? 5 Ways to Fix White Taskbar Issue in Windows 10

Why Is My Taskbar White

The taskbar is the easiest way to access the recently used apps on your PC or Laptop, which can be customized. It saves time by enabling users to get access and switching between open apps and new ones from the Pin to Taskbar section. The taskbar is always available unless you have decided to remove it when working on specific projects. But, in recent days, thousands of Windows 10 users have reported “Taskbar Turned White Issue in Windows 10”. They said it goes white all of a sudden. It made them think that their PC is being attacked by hackers. Hence, it is essential to resolve this issue. 
Most people ask why is my taskbar turned white? So, there might be any change in the settings or maybe some bugs and all. Earlier, Google Chrome had created issues for Windows 10 users because of these bugs. If you still have Chrome issues, then here are some proven ways to fix Google Chrome Issues on Windows 10. Also, if you don’t know what to do if the taskbar turns white on Windows 10, here are 5 ways to fit the white taskbar issue in Windows 10.

Why Is My Taskbar White in Windows 10?

Usually, every Windows 10 update comes up with an issue or bug. Every update makes changes in some of your settings and messes up a little. 

Although when the taskbar turns white in Windows 10, your PC functions normally. All the features work normally due to the white color, it becomes slightly hard to find the pinned apps on the taskbar. Therefore, we suggest you get rid of this issue as soon as possible. If you searched but didn’t get an answer to ‘Why Is My Taskbar White in Windows 10’ it will clear your doubts. And read on to find an easy way to fix white taskbar issues in windows 10.

Here’s How to Fix White Taskbar Issues in Windows 10

There are several ways to do this, we have listed a few proven ways that can help you resolve white taskbar issues in Windows 10.
1. Restart Your System

Sometimes, major hanging issues and other non-technical glitches can be resolved simply by restarting your laptop or PC. However, it is a machine that needs rest. Restarting your system will help your system function faster and smoother. To restart your computer;

  • Go to Windows Menu on the Bottom Left.

  • Click on the Power Button.

  • Hit RESTART.

2. Check Taskbar Color Settings

It is possible that you just changed the color settings of your system thus the taskbar is showing white. Follow these instructions to check color settings on your system;

  • Right, Click on the Home of Your Computer Screen.


  • Go to the Colors Sections.

  • Hold Cursor Over the option next to Show Color on Start, Taskbar, and Actions Center.

  • If you use any custom color, disable to auto pick any color from MY BACKGROUND option.

  • Click to Choose Your Color.

  • Choose a Background Color for Taskbar.

  • Save These New Settings.

  • If Nothing Changes, Restart Your System Right Away. 


3. Change Your Windows 10 Default Settings

In case, none of the aforementioned two solutions don’t work and you are still finding ways to fix white taskbar issue in Windows 10, changing your Windows regional settings can work wonders. Here is how to proceed;

  • Press Windows + X Keys Together.

  • Go to Settings

  • Click to Time & Language on the Settings.

  • Select Region.

  • Choose a Region where Cortana is available. A few options are Samoa, Taiwan, and Gabon.

  • Click to START.

  • Click on Your Profile Photo on Screen to Explore Other Options.

  • SIGN OUT from here.

  • If Your Taskbar is Still White, Repeat 1-5 steps. 


4. Change The Default App Mode

People asking for ‘Why is My Taskbar White’ don’t know that Windows 10 OS offers two different modes - Dark and Light. If you enable the Dark Mode, you are more likely to have a white taskbar. If you think you have changed the light settings mistakenly, here is how to check and change the default app mode.

  • Go to Windows Menu.

  • Find the Little Gear Icon (Setting) app.

  • Go to The Personalization Option.

  • Click Colors.

  • Scroll Down to Find Choose Your Default App Mode.

  • Choose Dark.

  • Computer Screen Will Instantly be Turned Black and UI Will be Turned, Black.

5. Speak To Expert Technicians

If everything goes wrong, and you’re still eager to know ‘Why Is My Taskbar White’ or ‘Way to Fix White Taskbar Issue in Windows 10’ you should consult expert technicians. Laptops often come up with a 1-year warranty, if your system is under warranty, then you should visit authorized service centers only.
A computer is a machine that is subject to technical issues that may take time to resolve. Therefore, you are suggested to maintain your system and free up the unnecessary space because sometimes junk files may create this issue. We hope this article will help you find the best solution for your white taskbar issue.


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