Is Google Really Replacing Android With Fuchsia OS?

Is Google Really Replacing Android With Fuchsia OS?

Google Fuchsia OS is rumored to replace android OS in the upcoming year. It is under early development right now but can be soon seen as a core OS for many devices.

Updated: 07 Jan, 2019 07:18 AM

Is the Fuchsia OS really replacing Android?

Fuchsia Is a new Operating system being developed by Google which first appeared on Github, back then there was no official announcement by Google about this OS.
Yes, Fuchsia OS might possibly be the Grand successor of Android. Unlike Google’s Chrome OS and Android, that is currently based on Linux. Fuchsia is said to 
be built from scratch on new architecture named “Zicron”. Which I assume will be a game-changer for future technologies. 

But what’s so special about Fuchsia OS you may ask?

 Well, each gadget we see today from, smart TV’s to Android phones run on different custom ROMs of their own which, makes syncing between devices really annoying (people always need to create different accounts for different devices). On the other hand, Fuchsia OS is aimed to be a universal Operating System for all gadgets.
However, we need to wait at least 3-4 years to see it start happening. Currently, Google has over a 100 of its best engineers working on the OS. Which means, we could see a lot of changes in the coming and God Damn! I’m excited about this.

When is the Google Fuchsia OS getting released

Google’s Fuchsia operating system can be seen running on Smart home devices within the next three year, and roll out to huger devices like laptops and PC’s by the 4th year and is rumored to be a global stable release by 2024. 


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