5 Reasons iOS is Safer Than Android

iOS is Safer Than Android

Long gone are the days when cybercriminals were targeting only laptops and desktops. Times have fast changed, and technology became smaller and handier; today, cybercriminals are focusing on targeting smartphones more often because of its usage and are the most vulnerable. 

Have you ever wondered which operating system makes the biggest difference when it comes to cybersecurity? The way how operating systems OS are designed and operated has a long history behind it which depicts how secure the phone is and the security offered.

But if you require a secure device and an all-rounder when it comes to keeping the device and its contents safe, we can’t think of any other device than the sleek iPhone. Why not Android? Let’s see why.

Viruses and Malware on Android Surpasses Other Platforms

Considering Android has the biggest share of hackers, it comes as no surprise that it includes the most viruses, malware attacks, and hacks. It’s fascinating to see how much more it contains than any other platform. With Android malware issues on the rise as seen in 2018, the entire platform is prone to be a hacker zone. 

Comparatively, iPhone has a stronger much developed operating system that uses multiple encryption protocols to create a tunnel that cannot be compromised. The basic talk of the town is that Android is the most targeted. The same 

Stronger App Review by iOS


A big difference is seen among the two platforms when you start comparing the “App Stores.” Your smartphone can survive to stay secure if you avoid it being targeted by viruses or hackers, but if the attack is hiding somewhere inside the phone, in an app or so then it can be a whole new level of issue. 

In this scenario, you must have installed the virus or malware on the phone while being clueless about how it got in. This is possible on any other platform as well, let's say iOS, but it's unlikely that it will. Apparently, Apple reviews all apps added on the App Store before they are published or allowed to be launched. 

Apps are not reviewed by programming experts, and they don’t include an exhaustive review of the app's code, but it does check the security of it extensively. That is the reason very few of the apps land on the App Store. Google, on the other hand, has a lesser degree of reviewing process where you can just submit the app on the Google Play, and it will be available to users in a few hours. (Apple review takes weeks before it gets approved).

Considering the Market Share - A Big Target

Looking at the Market Share can easily depict the operating systems security because the hackers, cybercriminals and malicious code writers want to project the most prominent impact which is the reason they choose the platform that is widely used. Considering that, Windows is the most attacked OS on desktop devices. 

It’s clear Android has the biggest market share of all time globally that makes Android the most targeted platform.  Hypothetically if Android would have the best security which it doesn't, even then it would be impossible for Google and its developers to fight and wear off viruses. As to a financial point of view, having a significant market share is a plus, but it invites hackers as well that ultimately leads to opting for a VPN provider for Android that will slight;y reduce the risk.  

Sandboxing: Not Just for Playtime

If you are not a programmer, then this could be tricky for you, but it is important. The way Apple and Google have its operating system designed, it allows apps to run in a different way which leads to various security issues. 

Apple uses a technique namely “sandboxing” which means every app runs on its own walled-off space called a Sandbox where the apps run on itself without interacting with other apps. This way if one app has a malware then it’ll stay in that app alone. The malicious code and virus couldn't find its way outside the app.

Google, on the other hand, has designed Android for maximum flexibility which has lots of benefits for developers and users, but it makes the platform vulnerable to attacks. It would come as a surprise that in 2014 the head of Google’s Android team admitted that Android is far less secure. 

iOS Updates Come Frequently

As time passes, Android updates become an issue on old devices. Majority of the Android updates are not for all its devices as the older the device is, the less chance is there that it will stay compatible for it. This is a big risk for old Android users who don’t find it flexible to jump on the bandwagon and keep switching devices yearly.

On the other hand, Apple has a different case. Whenever an update is released on Apple, all the previous devices will be eligible for the update considering the space of the device itself which makes them available to avail all the bug fixes. 

Final Words

It's not like Android devices are not being used, they have the biggest market share for a reason! But Google has to pace up its security patches and fix the loopholes if it wants to reduce its users facing security issues. 

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