The Future Of Tech: Top 5 Robotics Companies To Visit This Year

top robotics companies

We are just about to enter the 5th industrial revolution as robotics development shifts around the world are stimulating constantly and creating new standpoints every now & then. Things have been changed so much since the advent of Artificial Intelligence. And leading companies are associating with Artificial Intelligence to produce groundbreaking results every minute. Though there is still uncertainty about the effects of AI in our everyday life, robotics is harnessing and defining AI in its own style. 

In today’s world, when robots are taking over more and more human jobs, it’s better to get insights into the world of high-end technology. With the advent of AI and other future-proof technologies, human life has become easier and more comfortable than ever before. New technological advancements are shaping the future world and market. Robotics has eased all the boundaries hindering companies from accomplishing their business objectives. With these advanced developments in place, we’ve put together 5 robotics companies in the world. You can visit these companies to experience the upcoming world.

1. Amazon

According to a report by Bloomberg in April 2018, Amazon Lab126, the hardware research & the development division of the world’s leading eCommerce and cloud computing giant, was actually working on a domestic robot. The project called ‘Vesta’ was anticipated to be the most suspicious yet groundbreaking approach, though there is no new update since last. But market moose could identify the project as ‘Alexa On Wheels’. 

Amazon has also rolled out its AWS RoboMaker Cloud Robotics Platforms to assist developers build robots, add artificial intelligence, test robots in various ways through future-proof technologies. RoboMaker is a software that runs on a highly-scalable Robot Operating System (ROS) released by Amazon and extends the framework and adds an extra pillar in mastery to AWS for machine learning, IoT and other advanced technologies. 

Founded: 2004
Headquarter: Sunnyvale, California

2. Boston Dynamics

With an aim to Change your ideas of what robots can do, the company has recently released a video featuring a robot that moves its legs, hands and does other activities as a human. Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992. It was founded as a spin-off from the Massachusetts institutes of technology. The founder Marc Raibert unveils his plan to commercialize SpotMini in 2021. It would be the first robot Boston Dynamics will commercialize in its 27-years old history. The company has expertise in developing robots in general. Ghost Robotics is another company striving to find real-world domestic robots. 

Founded: 1992
Headquarter: Waltham, Massachusetts

3. Cruise Automation

With the highly advanced Artificial Intelligence, the company is a leading name in producing self-driving cars. Automation is perhaps the biggest change the AI has brought to the automotive industry and the company ,namely Cruise Automation acquired by General Motors is a renowned name in this industry. GM-owned company has been testing self-driving cars in San Francisco for more than 3 years to introduce the world with the future of automobiles. The company is also involved in building delivery bots in a partnership with DoorDash delivery. Though the details of the partnership were really scary, the trail on AI-based delivery robots began last year. GM said the company will launch self-driving cars in 2021, and although it’s highly unbelievable. 

Founded: 2013
Headquarter: San Francisco, California

4. Facebook

No need to introduce this American Social Media conglomerate corporation that is available in almost every smartphone today. The company is not a famous name in the house of Robotics, but due to its increasing moves in the space-oriented projects - appointing robotics talent, researching & developing soft robots, allowing the public to patent a Telepresence robot - proves that Facebook is keen to plunge into the world of robotics. Facebook recently confirmed that one of the major reasons for breaking into robotics is to discover future possibilities through AI. Facebook is perhaps the most powerful company on the planet. And over 1.49 billion people had accounts on Facebook till September 2019. There is something that we are unable to find but robots would do that for us at Facebook. 

Founded: 2004
Headquarter: Menlo Park, California

5. UBTech

It’s hard to digest that we didn’t put Microsoft and NVIDIA on the list, instead we jump through this UBTech that is pretty good at building robots. And building highly-scalable robots is extremely hard and it doesn’t help that Boston Dynamics has set a bar so incredibly high with Atlas. UBTech is Chinese company famous for its Toy Robots that have added nearly $1 billion, with an additional $5 billion valuation. The company introduced a walker bipedal robot that was loved so much by the users. UBTech said its walker robot ‘Holds the capabilities to make a helpful impact on any home or business soon.’ This is unreal, of course, but appreciable that a well-organized consumer robotics company is interested and working on Humanoid Robots.

Founded: 2012
Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

These companies are constantly working on humanoid robots. Although it’s appreciable but a saying of Stephen Hawking comes to mind “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Most people have different thoughts on this, whether or not AI will end the human race because AI holds the potential to take over human jobs. Artificial Intelligence is what enables companies to grow in the desired direction. AI is simplifying human and enhancing human capabilities as well. So, if you are interested in robots, you better visit these companies to get insights into the functions and humanoid robots. 


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