Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives For More Earning

Google Adsense Alternatives

Everyone dream to earn more and in today’s digital technology online is the foremost business opportunity to which everyone is free to do. While you are doing online business, ads are the best way to earn money. Google Adsense may be the most popular ad network for the website owners and bloggers who are looking to monetize your websites. But unfortunately, not everyone gets its approval and accounts could also get suspended sometimes. Well, don’t get disappointed because Google Adsense Alternatives are available to remove such type of hassles. These alternatives can also add more value to your business and website and also a great income source for you. So, check out the list of Best Adsense Alternatives and start applying for a more diversified income portfolio. 

1. Amazon associates

Undoubtedly, Amazon is the most prominent shopping website. So, there is no need to tell much about it. Similarly, Amazon associates are the first affiliate marketing program launched in 1996. Well, if you have a website and you want rank your business then Amazon Associates could work better for you. It will allow you to add a dynamic image on your page. In this way, you will promote Amazon and its product and it will pay a small amount of commission for everything they sell through your links. Amazon associates program has over 12 years of experience to render solutions and help to various website owners, web developers, and others

It is free and very easy to join. With the help of Amazon associates, you can provide convenience to customers by referring them to a trusted site from where they can shop. And when you make them do the same, you will directly earn some % as referral fees. So take advantage of various retail promotions from this new advertising feature and drive traffic to your site and concerning as well. 

Payment Methods: $100 (Payoneer, Check)


2. Yllix media

Secondly, we will talk about Yllix Media. Just become a publisher of Yilix and see how its fully automatic and intelligent system changes your website into a goldmine. There are thousands of local and global ad campaigns are present on the internet that shows irrelevant ads but Yllix shows relevant and has full control over the ads it shows on your website. It also guarantees to render the best rate in the industry. 
Nevertheless, it has many automatic functions that have absolute control over the ads like where to display the ads, its management, time and everything can be done from the end of website owner end. Therefore, you can also optimize your campaign in order to get the best possible results. We would like to share that it is the Best Google Adsense Alternative


3. Chitika

Chitika is an online advertising network that pays per click money to the owner of the website. “Chitika”, comes from South India, is a Telegu work which means “Snap of the Figures”. If you are willing to earn more money, then Chitika is the Best Adsense Alternative that works on effective strategies like local targeting, cost-effective ads, and advanced marketing. The best thing is Chitika allows you to customize your ads and only serves contextual ads on your website. Chitika pays a good amount of money from the earning it gets from per click. If you have just started your business, then Chitika would be your first choice because it targetss and optimizes a technology that leverages the power of programmatic buying to serve precisely the right ads at the right time. 

How payments work:

Payments are sent via Payoneer 30 days after the end of the month in which you reach or exceed the minimum threshold of $50.  You can opt for the wire transfer option if you earn at least $10,000 per month regularly.


4. Pop cash

Pop cash is another network that allows publishers to add more visitors to their website. Whether the publisher is new or old, it allows everyone to make money via pop-under advertising. Pop cash has a great advertising way with a great CPM and a good inventory for all countries for mobile and desktop traffic as well. Also, it never delays in payments and usually takes 24-48 hours which is quiet enough and requests your payments inside the dashboard via PayPal, Payza, and Paxum.
In case, you feel any hassle regarding advertisement, pop cash offers 24/7 dedicated support via Email and Skype. Additionally, it also offers a 10% referral amount to you when you referred them to others. If you are looking for Google Adsense Alternatives, then this is easy to add ads to your website.


5. Adsterra

Every new set up is keen to see a lot of success in a short span of time. Adsterra has been in operation so far and has the potential to enhance your business and website as well. It is successfully serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. It is the best platform for bloggers and webmasters who want to earn more and more money. Although, it is very simple to get with Adsterra. You just need to register with Asterra, place code on your site and you are all ready to make money. 
If you have any doubt in your mind regarding Adsterra then we are glad to tell you it works with thousands of different publishers across the globe. Apparently, it connects a huge number of advertisers and publishers both together effectively. In all, if you are looking for the Best Adsense Alternative, Adsterra is a great choice. 

Here are some stats on why Adsterra is a serious contender as the best alternative to Google Adsense:

  1. They serve 10 billion+ ad impressions per month.
  2. They cover over 190 countries
  3. Currently, it has 20K active ad campaigns.
  4. 600K leads last month
  5. Publishers and advertisers get their very own account manager who is always on call to help



Infolinks is the primary choice for most of the bloggers and website owners. One good thing about info links is it is quite easy to set and once you have set it up, you do not have to do much further. It will automatically start ads with no complications and you will make money. If you are getting rejected from other sources, again and again, they don’t get disappointed. Infolinks is one of the leading companies in-text advertising. 
The best thing about this Google Adsense Alternative is it does not occupy much space at your website as ads are directly inserted in the box. These ads in the form of text will look just like normal links and thus it will create a huge amount of clicks and made money for its publishers. 

Payment Details:

  1. They pay publishers 45 days after a month ends if the applicable payment threshold has been met.
  2. Payment is by PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Echeck or ACH (for publishers with bank accounts in the USA).
  3. The payment threshold depends on the payment method you choose. It’s $50 for ACH or $100 for wire transfers or Western Union.


7. PopAds

It is necessary to use the right approach if you are wanted to make more money. Most of the bloggers and web masters only go with google adsensens. But every time it could not be the better idea. Sometimes you could face hassles somewhere. Here, it is good to go with Google Adsense Alternative and the first thing stood up in your mind will be PopAds. Also, it never annoys its visitors through Ads. 
Although, it is not so difficult to make an account on PopAds as it takes only 2 mins to register. The platform will ask you to fill 10 standard fields after which you are done with your registration. 


8. RevContent

Apparently, we are living in a digital world with internet service. Everything is present online whether it is business, advertisement or anything else. More and more businesses have created their online presence because online is the most rapid and readily way to advertise your business and brand globally. Although, you must require the perfect source for advertisement. 
Coming towards RevContent, it is the latest content recommendation and native advertising platform for business. It is the Best Google Adsense Alternative that can improve your return on investment. It shares a huge base of global advertising that offers quite better money and has the goodwill of a lot of publishers. Moreover, it has great CPCs, paying 1-10% of the amount per click. So if you are searching for an advertising site for your blog or webmaster then RevContent is the prominent one. 


9. PropellerAds Media

ProperellerAds Media is the best website that offers advertisement for different niches like entertainment, videos/movies, games, financing and many more. If you have got a site like ProperllerAds Media, then you can make more money with little efforts. Moreover, they guarantee to ear 100% traffic on your website from their customers which generate a huge number of CPM. 
The platform of advertising is best suited for desktop, display, and video to ensure that the maximum audience is reached.  You can also select payment of the Ads as per your feasibility, whether you can select weekly payments in your account it pays on a NET 30 basis. If you are struggling to monetize traffic on your website or blog then ProperellerAds Media is the Best Adsense Alternative

Payment Methods: $50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer)



If you are looking for Best Google Adsense Alternatives then is the no.1 site for the same. There are several reasons why users choose on a large scale. It provides you easy access to high-quality ads that connect you will all major networks and managing operations. Moreover, it has a strong relationship with DSPs, agency trading desks, Horizontal Networks, Performance networks verticals networks, DMPs, AMPs, and many others. is completely customized to the look of your page great which gathers higher engagement to your website. It extensively manages technology, business operations and relationships with a particular publisher worldwide with the help of this program. provides you easy access to high-quality display ads and connects you with buyer networks. 

Payment Details:

  1. They pay publishers on a net 30 basis.
  2. The payment threshold is $100.00.
  3. Payment is by wire transfer or PayPal.

Hopefully, the alternatives we have collected for you after spending a couple of hours will perfectly match for your business and your career goals. So try this out and go ahead in your business.


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