How To Find Lost FireStick Remote Is No More Hassle, Know Here How!

how to find lost firestick remote

“It is probably under the couch”, that’s the first thought that comes to mind when you lose any remote. But if you have already looked everywhere and still can’t find it, fret not! You’re not the only person to whom this incident is happening. Hope is always there and yes this could one way to your query, “How to find lost firestick remote?”    

Okay! We’ll not trouble you more in finding the ways to use firestick without having a physical remote. It means there is still access to your remote if you lost it. Here we have curated a list of possible situations where you can use your FireStick even after losing it. 

How Firestick Works?

Firestick works on a wi-fi connection and when you set up the device for the first time you use the wi-fi to navigate and save the credentials on the device. However, when you lose your remote, wi-fi would still power on and will connect to Wi-fi. The situation becomes worse if you cross the range of your default Wi-fi. It can also happen when you take the FirStick with you and forget the remote at home. You can fix this issue with the help of the below ways. 

Here Are the Ways To Control Firestick Without Remote

1. When The Remote Is Within Your House

For those who often forget their belongings after keeping them, using their smartphone to navigate and control the FireStick is the ideal way. You can use your smartphone as your FireStick by downloading the lost FireStick Remote App if you’re on the same network your FireStick is connected. Just install the app from the Play Store or the App Store, launch it from the app drawer and your FireStick will automatically pop up on your app without even logging in. Follow the further procedure and you’ll be able to control your FireStick with our smartphone. 

2. When You Lost Your FireStick Remote Away From Your Home

Connecting your Smartphone app with your FireStick is easy when you’re connected to the same Wi-fi but what to do when you’re away from your home. You would need one more device which can act like your Wi-fi hotspot and then follow the previous procedure. Here you would need to create a new hotspot with the same name and password your FireStick was previously connected to. 

3. Use The Previous-gen Firestick Remote

Your previous remote can be the best replacement FireStick remote. Your Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with the backward capability which means you can use your old remote as an alternative. The only difference that you’ll notice in a previous-gen remote is it lacks few buttons other it would work the same. To pair it with your new-gen FireStick, just press and hold the home, back and arrow key button at the same time for 10 seconds, then restart your Firestick. Your old FireStick will automatically pair after your reboot. 

4. Use Your TV Remote As Your FireStick Remote

Let's Control your FireStick with your TV remote if you’re fed up of finding your lost remote. And of course, it is an incredible feature when you don’t want to use multiple remotes at the same time. As you know, the new-gen SmartTV is equipped with the HDMI-CEC that every brand mentioned differently. For instance, Philips calls it EasyLink and LG calls it SimpLink, and so on. Look for the HDMI-CEC option in the TV setting and turn it on. Just use arrow keys to navigate FireStike. Let us tell that every brand has its own tweaks and tricks so your experience may vary. 

5. Use A Keyboard Or A Mouse As FireStick. 

How to find lost FireStick remote could be difficult but we’ll tell you how to pair FireStick Remote with a keyboard or a mouse. Well, there is no need to use a keyboard or mouse unless you want to browse an internet sideloaded web browser. You can connect an external mouse by using a micro USB splitter from Amazon. 

So these are some simple ways to answer how to find your lost amazon FireStick remote. The remote locator app is the official solution but if it doesn’t work, use these tips and tricks to get easy access to your lost FireStick Remote. If you like our selection of ways to pair up your lost FireStick remote, stay connected with us for more technology-related tips that would make your life easier. 


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