Upgrade Your Skills: List Of Top Edtech Companies In The World

Top Edtech Companies

In the modern era, we all know how important education is. Education doesn't only teach us about the book's knowledge or just a degree provider, it is beyond expectations. Schools and colleges are important but equally important to upgrade your skills, no matter how via physically attending the educational institution or online education platforms. With the revolution of the global education market, Edtech companies are drastically changing the scene of education. They are making education more innovative, easy, and interesting to learn new things. It ultimately helps the nation to grow with the latest technology and learning new skills. 

Taking the importance of Edtech into account, the Best Edtech Companies in the world are re-strategizing their education market and designing several innovative products. Many of the world’s top universities are offering massive online open courses that are both budget and time friendly. Meanwhile, the implementation of Edtech into the education field is the biggest growth of education. More and more Education Technology Companies are participating in the pace of designing Edtech and contributing on a large scale to make education simpler and more understandable. Before dividing our article into the names of Top Edtech Companies, we would like to discuss little on what Edtech is. 

What is Edtech?

In very simple words, Edtech or Educational Technology can be broadly defined as the use of technology to make the teaching and learning process far more simplified, easy to observe, and above all, student-friendly. Through the most simplified technology like audio and video, Edtech has become more upgraded and easy to design. With digital content that is ruling drastically over humans these days, technologies like AI, IoT, VR are accompanying Edtech Startup companies to design the curriculum for the students. 

Being a part of the advanced world, online studies have become the new normal nowadays. Students are approaching online education portals in large numbers. But be it online studies or regular classes in school premises, the Edtech companies have been helping the education field for more than a decade. What these kinda companies do is- they analyze the data to provide personal counseling to both teachers and parents, thereby improving students' engagements. 

For more information about education technology for robust business decisions, check out our list of Top Edtech Companies

1. Coursera

One of the best-known online platforms for education and being engaged in innumerable courses, Coursera is the best example of how Edtech can be employed to access education at the global level. By partnering with top universities and organizations, Coursera has been able to connect with a large number of teachers and students across the globe. Being one of the best education startups in the world, Coursera is backed by leading ventures of capital firms such as New Enterprises Associates, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Learn Capital, etc. 

2. HelpHub 

What enables teachers and students to work together using mobile and web devices is HelpHub. It is an instant tutorial platform that is able to provide an in-depth analysis of all the interactions taking place on the HelpHub platform. This is what makes it the most popular Edtech company in the market of education. 

3. Byju’s

One of the best learning apps from India, Byju’s is the Edtech company founded in 2015. It offers online courses & tablet classes with multimedia test and assignment solutions. Being the Edtech Startup of India, Byju’s app has more than 3 lakh annual paid subscription. Its current total equity is $5.4 billion and has won many awards like Deloitte Technology and CRISIL Emerging India Award. The app is successfully available for Android and iOS platforms.  

4. CodeMonkey

Another Edtech Company on the list is CodeMonkey which is prominent for teaching coding skills to kids. It combines games with learning to enhance the interest of the students in studies. A coding course namely CodeAdventure fosters the development of executive functioning skills such as problem-solving, planning, geometric and mathematical thinking as well. The company has earned close to USD 500,00 in revenue. 

5. BrainGroom

Among one of the Biggest Edtech Companies in India, BrainGroom is another online marketplace for education and lifestyle classes. BrainGroom Edtech Startup connects trainers across the globe to different targeted segments. The company is already in talks in the town with venture capitalists to raise USD 5 million for its expansion plans. According to industry experts, BrainGroom is one of the fastest-growing Edtech Companies with its expansion plan in the other APAC nations. 

6. Unacademy

Initiated with the YouTube channel in 2010, Unacademy is now a famous online name in the education technologies market in India. Being tied with some of the most famous and experienced teachers, it has provided subscriptions to more than 3 million students. Providing more than 2400 courses with most of them free, you might have to pay for the certification. With the aim of providing all the education throughout the world for free, it has ventured in numerous fields like Banking, CAT, CLAT, UPSC, and more. Unacademy is the Edtech company with video tutorials available in multiple languages to make the learning more feasible and easy for the students and the teachers as well. 

7. UpGrad

UpGrad is the online Edtech platform that provides higher education programs for different sectors. It provides an immersive learning experience with the latest technology and well-designed courses. With the aim to provide more education throughout the world, Upgrade provides most of the courses for free. 

The scope of Edtech companies is pretty huge, especially with the MOOCs. The Edtech Startups throughout the globe are all set to more investments and expand gradually. The competition among the students is very high and you need to match the latest technologies if you are keen to crack it. 

You have less time and a lot to cover and in that case, Edtech can potentially help you in enhancing your learning power and upgrade your skills. Studying hard in your school and depending on institutional classes is not enough to chase your dreams nowadays. You have to walk with the world and opt for the latest technology that has been specially designed to enhance your educational skills. You can work on your skills when you are in school but with these Top Edtech Companies, you can actually achieve your goals. 


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