Get An Early Look At The Very Rectangular Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is not going to come to the market until August. But the company has launched an early look of this upcoming Smartphone. Previously, OnLeaks has created early providers for One plus 7 Pro, Galaxy S9, and also a ton of the other phones. Its design has a rectangular approach which is considered as the updated version of Galaxy Note of this year. The display of this new Smartphone has sharper corners as compared to the previous versions which have rounded corners. The longer side of the phone is like a curve whereas the top and bottom edges of the phone look almost flat. Such types of characteristics make the phone easier to hold. Due to these features, this phone looks very similar to the Nokia Lumia Phone.

Samsung’s punch hole style display cut a hole in the display, rather than a notch, which gives you a spot for the Camera, similar to its earlier introduced model named as ‘Galaxy Note 10’. And the hole was located in the upper-right corner on the galaxy S10. On the other hand, the hole will be presented on its apparently dead center. This phone is expected to be having only one front-facing camera.

Google has the display which is to be fully surrounded by the status bar, giving apps a normal, rectangular area to work. This specific design will solve one of the biggest problems with the S10 design, which is nothing but the camera is placed very low in the display that the status bar will have to be larger than normal. According to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks, it comes to know that the display of this particular Smartphone is large, apps are not allowed to use anything next to or above the camera hole. This Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to be released with a vertical camera strip on the left side of the phone along with three holes next to it for the sensors, the LED flash, and a time-of-flight camera for 3D sensing. The whole camera setup contains a glass body of the phone.

Here, in this Smartphone, we get a USB-C port, an obligatory S-pen, and also a headphone jack present on the bottom edge. These providers agree with the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors found from Android Police that “Samsung is dropping the headphone jack”. From the rumors, we also get to know that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 would also skip on the physical button with touch-powered buttons.

Similar to the previous rumors, this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expected to come in two sizes, such as the bigger model has a 6.75-inch display over the 6.4-inch display in the Galaxy S10+ whereas the smaller one has a 6.3-inch display that lacks the Pro’s depth camera.


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