Microsoft Could Add An Office Key To Your Next Keyboard

Office Key Keyboard

Microsoft has been one of the most enormous influencers in the PC peripherals industry as it wields the power of the popular and ever-present windows operating system. This Redmond based technology giant has introduced its first Windows key in its Microsoft Natural Keyword, which was released in the year 1994. Since then, there are many different keyboard makers which are including this one key that brings up the start menu to the Windows PC.

Along with this new twist, Microsoft has also given a hint about adding official modifier key to all its keyboards. However, this time the key would bear the official Microsoft logo.

According to the reports, Microsoft has currently prepared an online feedback form for the project on which they are working, which is known as “Office Key Compass”. This online feedback form, basically, exists for collecting feedback from those users who have tried using a keyboard having that Office key included in it.

The latest update of Windows appears to have the support of this key. The combination of keys possible with the Office key includes Office key + Q, T, W, X, P, D, N, Y, and L. According to the rumors, the Microsoft Company has been developing two keyboards, which are code named as Holgate Mid and Holgate Low. Microsoft might remove the context menu key or the Alt key to make some space for the new Office key.

There is another device, named as Kili, which can easily replace the Ergomax 4000. We still don’t know that the introduction of this new device has anything to do with this Office key project.

Apart from its regular line up of wireless and wired keyboards, Microsoft could simply incorporate this Office key in its next iteration of the surface line up. Till now, we only know that a Logitech or an iBall USB keyboard, which will be available three years from now, which is included with a Windows and an Office key.


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