Microsoft's Edge to be based on Chromium engine This Year


Microsoft has finally confirmed that it will be implementing the use of Chromium over the regular Edge HTML engine. We could see the new Edge browser in effect by the next year.


Why Microsoft is switching over to Chromium?

As most of the user's browse the web using the Chrome, the majority of the web pages are highly optimized for Chrome. Microsoft ’s has made several attempts in the past for fixing the issues related to rendering web pages and unusual glitches but hasn’t had any luck until now. The overall decision of switching over to the Chromium platform sounds really great and has got many Windows users excited. 
Layout and new platforms supporting Edge

Even though “Edge” is going to be based on a newer platform, Microsoft confirmed that users won’t be noticing any change in the layout of UI. This Chromium based Edge browser will be made available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and macOS.

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