Top Online Education Platforms For Convenient Yet Inexpensive Studies

Top Online Education Platforms

Whether you’re five or nine, online studies have occupied students of any age group. The internet has a lot to offer without disappointing or hampering the studies. Online studies made studies easier yet feasible. 

Due to which, the e-learning industry is growing rapidly and the evidence is the number of increasing online platforms that offer opportunities to take classes of any courses online without physically appearing in the schools and colleges. And when it comes to online studies, aspirants look for the best app or platform that can deliver huge benefits with high-end study material. 

A perfect online education platform that offers a large number yet qualitative study materials. But it’s your myth, if you’re thinking that besides qualitative study material and varieties of courses over online education platforms, nothing is important? To be a best and top qualitative online education platform, the platform should be of top-notch technology like uninterrupted streaming, easy to access and understand. We have strived to put some Top Online Education Platforms in a list that helps you to choose the best for you.  

1. Udemy

Working with many professionals and schools, the concept of Udemy is slightly different from others. The site mixes the customizable platform from other sites with a heavy emphasis on top-quality content. Udemy is a customizable platform and has its app for android and iOS users both. Users can easily start their learning on Udemy as it can be accessed through several devices and platforms such as laptop/desktop, Android, and iOS apps. And mobiles are always the better option to access your course from anywhere and anytime.

2. LearnWorlds

When it comes to online education, LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online platform that offers the ability to build your online academy while creating unique, interactive, and social learning experiences. LearnWorlds bring everything you need in one place, making the process of creating online is easy, feasible, and inexpensive at the same time. Above all, it is designed to give you the perfect education tool to help you promote your knowledge skills. Its modern and customizable features will help you with better results. 

3. Coursera

Coursera is the leading website that partners with universities and organizations all around the world. This platform brings a variety of courses and topics to learn. Coursera is counted as the most powerful online study tool as it covers courses from many top universities, trusts, and museums. This site is not only a wide range of knowledge, but it also offers individual courses, specialized courses, and programs that support on-demand video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, home assignments, and community discussion forums. That means that the online portal of Coursera will not disappoint you in offering material & technology related to courses.  

4. WizIQ

WizIQ is the cloud-based education platform, or self-paced training using its own custom branded domain. Most amazingly, it delivers live and on-demand webinars that make it popular all around the world. The online platform has an app that works with both Android and iOS. The app comes with a course authoring with test and assessment capabilities. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to learn in virtual classrooms. 


Another platform in the list of Top Online Education Platform is LearnDash because of its amazing features and reliable study material. LearnDash is the Wordpress plugin that helps to transform the website into an online platform by adding e-learning features to it and adding more flexibility. Students can also check their grades with the help of grade book features based on the quizzes and homework scores. LearnDash comes with three subscription plans with the only difference being the number of sites. 

6. Open-edX

With the number of courses such as Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Math, Humanities, and Management, Open-edX is offering more than 8000 online courses from 100 prestigious universities and businesses that are currently offering higher educations in various disciplines. It is an online app that can be accessible on Android and iOS platforms both. This online education platform is an open-source content management system behind the massive online course provider, which was created by the team of scientists of prominent universities like Harvard and MIT with a goal to provide the university level education on online portals across the globe. 

7. iTunesU

iTunes is a very convenient place for online education because it integrates seamlessly with your iPod or any other Apple device where users can download the iTunes app. Desktop users can also access iTunesU from the iTunes Store. Aspirants can search for learning material in different ways including generic and topic. Although, the courses are often a mix of free podcasts and or videos or paid content. No doubt, iTunes is an excellent platform in terms of technical, however, it is no less in offering study material. Thus, it does include courses on pretty wide scopes of topics but unfortunately, does not integrate with Android, Google, and Windows devices. 

Online studies have been easier now than ever before. They are cost and time effective both. Once you know the style of learning, you have a better understanding of how to maximize your strength. But above all, you need to choose the platform that not only provides better learning material but also uninterrupted access to the apps or online web portals to learn effectively. A Top Online Education Platform would be called best if it accomplished every quality such as uninterrupted streaming, easy to understand and use, easy in language, etc. With the aforementioned online education courses, we have strived to make it convenient to choose which one suits you better, according to your needs. 


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