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The new Upcoming Huawei, Mat X is a game-changer because of its unique foldable form factor. It is scheduled to release in September. If the handset will actually unharness at this time, then there is a solid risk that it may beat the Galaxy Fold’s attempt to reach consumer’s hands as soon as possible.  Apart from the most hyped Smartphone in the previous brands, it also comes to know from the rumors that Huawei is also introduced to the Mate 30 5G in December. It shows that the release schedule of the Huawei Smartphone is on track to understanding the position faced by the US government. 

According to the Huawei game changer Smartphone leaks, the Mate 30 5G will launch in December. This news was shared by the company at a 5G conference in Russia officially. When the timeline talks only about Russia, then we will get an overview of the worldwide release date. A report by GSM arena declares that the 4G version of the Mate 30 may launch as soon as possible that the 5G version. It might slot inappropriate with the brand’s timeline of its yearly Mate series launches. 

The most anticipated smartphones of the year are Mate X. It could be released soon. It is believed that this handset will launch soon. Huawei intentionally delayed the launch so as to not face any embarrassing hiccups with the Galaxy Note Fiasco. While the handset will come with 5G, it is not the brand’s first 5G handset. 

It is considered as a game changer Smartphone because of its photography. The new Smartphone should be considering as it’s equipped with a brand new Leica Quad Camera system that contains a 20MP ultra-wide angle, 8MP telephoto, 40MP wide angle, time-of-flight (TOF) depth-sensing and 32MP selfie camera lens. 


There are many features of this upcoming Smartphone. These are given below;

It has the display of 6.47-inch FHD + OLED (398 Pixel per Inch).

The phone will be having the octa-core processor with Huawei Kirin 980. 

The RAM of this phone is 8GB with 128 or 512GB plus storage of nano-memory card.  

The operating system is EMUI 9.1 based on Android 9 Pie.

The camera quality of this phone is the quadruple rear camera of 40MP, 8MP of telephoto, 32MP of a front-facing camera, 20MP ultra-wide angle, and ToF depth.

It has various types of connectivity such as Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 5 and GPS (dual-sim available in some regions), LTE, etc.

It has the water resistance quality of IP68.

The dimensions and weight of this particular Smartphone are 158 X 73.4 X 8.41 mm and 192g respectively.


Reasons why it is considered as a game changer Smartphone:

Camera functionality

AI HDR+: The front camera of the device has a lens with a new HDR mode. It helps to bring the subject to the forefront, even in overexposed backlight. 

Zoom: The telephoto lens involves 10X hybrid zoom, 5X optical zoom, and 50X digital zoom. It allows you to capture amazing detail from afar.  




Portrait: There are two features for long exposure such as the device’s TOF camera (it helps in measuring the depth of a subject within a shot), and AIS (AI Image Stabilization), even the strands of hair on someone’s head become sharpened to perfection. The portrait setting has the option to choose your own blurred background effect. 

Low-Light: It has an ISO of 409600. This is currently the highest light sensitivity on the respective market. For this reason, it becomes easy to light up the night. It has also a low-light feature which allows you to capture the natural scenery that the naked eyes see. Even if you take a photograph in the pitch-dark mode, it still seems insanely bright or colorful. 




Wide angle: This camera has also a wide angle mode which gives you the ability to have a broader view of your shot. At the time of photography, it helps the user to get a perfect view. 

Longer Battery Life

 This new Smartphone which is considered as a game changer Smartphone has an ultra long-lasting battery of 4200mAh. Depends upon the heavy user experience, the device should work appropriately for 11 hours. 

Faster Charge

It has a feature of 30W SuperCharge which allows you to power up your phone from zero to 70 percent in just 30 minutes. It will ultimately allow your device to stay charged for more than a full day. Huawei’s CEO of consumer BG even started during the press conference that it contains a 440percent faster charge than iPhone X. Lastly; the Smartphone contains a Wireless Reverse Charge that offers you with the opportunity to share your phone’s charge with an everyday device such as your electric toothbrush. And here, the device doesn’t require any cord for the charging purpose. 


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