Best Cleaner And Booster Apps For Android

Best Cleaner And Booster Apps For Android

Routine maintenance of your Android device is not necessary on a daily bases. But one should clean their Android device from time to time in order to enhance battery life, to boost performance and to clean the junk files. While there many different cleaner and booster apps available at Google play store, most of them don’t work as they are advertised or does not have enough performance impact. So some of the Best Cleaner And Booster Apps For Android, which can improve your device performance, are stated below:

Clean Master:-

Clean master is one of the Best Cleaner And Booster Apps for Android, which has over 1 billion Downloads on Google play store. It includes a variety of features like cleaning junk files, includes antivirus, and helps in boosting battery life and performance. An additional feature named as Charge Master is present in it which shows the battery charging status on the status bar. This Best Android Phone Cleaner App can replace any android cleaner app available with you.

Some of the special features of the Clean Master are as follows:

  • Junk notifications can be deleted with the help of the Notification cleaner.

  • Loading speed of games can be easily increased with the help of the Game Master.

  • To keep your apps safe there is an integrated app lock present in it.

  • A Wi-Fi security feature is also available to detect fake Wi-Fi and unauthorized connections.




CCleaner is one of the most popular apps for MAC and PC, which is now also available for Android users. This app allows the user to remove junk files, monitor system usage and comes with a speed booster which is capable of improving the performance of your device significantly. An advisor feature is also available in this app which shows you the apps you can clean to free up some space in your device. In this app, there are many ads which annoy the user and can be removed with the help of in-app purchases.


Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster:-

This Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster is one of the Best Phone Booster App For Android for 2019, which are downloaded by over 230 million users on Google play store. Optimization of background apps, free memory space, and unnecessary junk files can be removed by a single touch on the DU speed booster and cleaner app. A feature of CPU Cooler is present in it, through which those apps which are consuming more CPU power can be terminated from the background running apps.

Some of the important features of the DU Speed Booster app can be stated as follows:

  • Detecting virus, adware, malware, and Trojans, can be done with the help of integrated Antivirus.

· Smart Charge feature is available for viewing charge status in real time.

· Network booster for detecting network status.

  • Installed apps, memory card content and new apps can be easily analyzed with the help of scanning feature.



Power Clean:-

Power Cleaner is one of the best cleaner apps available for Android which is downloaded by more than 2 million users on the Google Play store. It is a fast, light and smart cleaner app for Android. Just with a single tap the user can boost his phone and can clean all the junk files on your phone storage in depth. This Power clean app is free to use but display some ads which can be removed with the help of the premium version. This app can also be named as the Best Android Phone Cleaner App due to some of the special features included in it, which are as follows:

· CPU Cooler is present for analyzing CPU usage and keeping a check on the device’s temperature

  • Monitoring Hardware status with the help of device information.

  • Feature to delete duplicate photos.

  • Applock is also available which can prevent unwanted access to your apps.


Ace Cleaner:-

Ace Cleaner app can give you a new experience through which you can clean your Android device simply and effectively. Ace Cleaner app can easily boost and maximize the performance of your Android device with the help of Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, and CPU Cooler. It is also named as the Best Phone Booster App For Android due to some of the special features as follows:

  • A specialized cleaning tool for Facebook.

  • Integrating DND mode for muting notifications.

  • A specialized cleaning tool for Facebook.

  • To stop automatically starting apps, Ace Boost is present.


All-in-one Toolbox:-

All-in-one Toolbox is as the name suggests, capable of handling a lot more than just cleaning up the junk files from your Android device. It is also named as one of the Best Cleaner And Booster Apps For Android.

Some of its special features include:

  • Phone hardware info checker is available.

  • Features are available to identify big files stored on your device.

  • Option to delete empty folders and leftovers.

  • Photo compressor to reduce the space occupied by high-resolution pictures is available in this app.



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