Want To Upgrade Your Mac? Here’s How To Use eGPU With A MacBook In 5 Simple Steps

How To Use eGPU With A MacBook

Yes, we know Apple is the best brand that meets users’ needs with it’s outstanding performance, quality hardware and powerful processor. But, another thing that almost everybody knows that the company has been criticized for its limited storage and upgrade options available across various models of MacBook. On the other hand, some models don’t even allow you to extend the memory or storage. But, you can upgrade the storage and enhance performance of your Mac now by affixing new extended graphic cards.

Apple introduced the all-new Thunderbolt 3 interface and all the latest MacBook models including the latest Apple MacBook Air 2020 are coming up with this to allow you upgrade your Mac’s storage and improve graphic performance by installing a new graphic card or via eGPU — ‘external GPU’ that actually sits outside. Whether you’re a gamer, developer or graphic designer, you must be struggling with it as it will not be meeting your professional needs. However, you can boost your Mac’s performance at home and it takes a few minutes of setup. Here’s how to use eGPU with a MacBook in all models.

1. What Your Need

As per Apple’s guideline for using eGPU with your MacBook, your Mac must be running on Thunderbolt 3 with the latest upgrade (MacOS 10.13.4) or later this.

However, Apple is now launching this feature in less-expensive and lightweight laptops such as Apple MacBook Air 2020. But, you need to keep a thing in your mind that Apple and Nvidia seems boarding on the same boat for some reasons. And Apple’s MacOS is currently only working with AMD graphic cards, as Radeon RX 570 we have got Razer along with the core x paddock. 

2. Choose Best eGPU for Laptops


There are so many brands in the market, but Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 650 is the best-in-class as the company was first approved by Apple's company. But, you can also choose Razor Core X, as it is the first eGPU that meets Apple’s features. 

The Core X is one of the most affordable eGPU in the market available at £260/$300/₹22,635/AU$469. It’s primarily designed for laptops and there is no reason for not using this with your MacBook. 


3. Installing Graphic Card

You don’t need professionals for this because the Core-X enclosure is designed for user’s convenience and you will easily find a PCI slot for installing your new graphic cards. It includes a matte black power supply box, cooling fan along with an appealing design and power cables to power-up your graphic cards. 

Razor Core-x is truly a powerful eGPU providing enough power to charge and run a laptop using its USB port as well. 

4. Establishing Connection


The MacOS will assume that you will be using a Mac and eGPU with a Mac Monitor, as it would be better for playing games, design and do other things on a big screen, and  of course, it’s better than working on a small in-built display of a MacBook. Well, you can easily connect your laptop to your TV or any other Big Screen using screen mirroring or cable. Here’s how to connect your laptop to your TV

So, let's go back to connecting eGPU with a MacBook. It is an easy process and you can either use a standard HDMI cable or DisplayPort Cable to connect Core-X eGPU with your MacBook or monitor. It would be a chain as — Mac connected to eGPU and eGPU connected to an external monitor. 

5. Plug and Experience the Power

Once you connect all the cables, power on your Mac, Monitor and eGPU. Your Mac will automatically detect the new connection of eGPU and a new icon for eGPU will appear in the main menu bar of your screen.

Also, the icon allows you to disconnect the eGPU in one click, as there will be an option to disconnect and the icon itself will indicate the connection. If you’re using a laptop with an external graphic card (eGPU) then it’s handy for you as you can connect and disconnect simply from your laptop without shutting down everything. And, if you don’t want to disconnect then you can just unplug the cable connected to your laptop via eGPU and carry your laptop elsewhere. 

One more thing that comes up here — if your MacBook is running out of battery then you can charge it via USB cable connected to eGPU and Razer Core-X is probably the best eGPU in the market that comes up with such exciting features. 

These are some easy and handy tips to connect your MacBook with an eGPU to enhance the capacity of your Mac and experience an overloaded graphic processor. You can also accelerate the built-in display using an external eGPU and this is the best thing that you can do to upgrade your MacBook. From gaming to designing, you will experience an upgraded version of everything. Get ready to explore the best thing using your MacBook with a eGPU.

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