How To Save Videos From Instagram On PC, iPhone, and Android

How To Save Videos From Instagram On PC, iPhone, and Android

After beating Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is probably one of the most popular social media platforms for both photo and video sharing. Instagram is all about sharing every moment you live to entertain with your family and friends. If you are scrolling down, then there are possibilities that you may love any video and wish to save in your camera roll. 

Though you can save any video in your Instagram’s favorites, but there is no default option to save those videos in the camera roll or personal albums. Well, you don’t need to panic because here is how to save videos from Instagram. Whether you are using Instagram on iPad, iPhone or PC, the following tips will help you download your favorite video from Instagram.

How to save videos from Instagram on PC

Though it’s odd to use Instagram in PC, but if you are still using it on your personal computer, then here’s how to download an Instagram video. There are several websites allow the users to download any video from Instagram on their computer. Whereas all the websites are similar, Instadownload is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use websites to save Instagram videos.

How to use Instadownload to save Instagram Video on PC?

1. Open the video you want to download.

2. Copy the post’s URL from your browser.

3. Go to Instadownload Page.

4. Click on the Instagram link.

5. Paste the URL (you’ve copied) in the text bar.

6. Click on the Download Button.

7. Download your video after analyzing it.

You can save an Instagram video on PC simply by using this technique. Here are some other websites you can use to download Instagram videos- DownloadGram and Download Instagram Videos.

How to save videos from Instagram on an iPhone?

Just because the iPhone cannot compromise with its safety, downloading an Instagram video on the iPhone is slightly harder than a desktop. Well, still it is not a big deal. All you need to have the right tool in hand. Here is ‘Instasave’ available in AppStore.

How to use Instasave to save Instagram Video on iPhone?

1. Open the Instagram app and copy the URL of any post.

2. Paste copied URL in the Blaze app.

3. Tap on the download button.

4. Export the video to the camera roll after downloading.

You can easily download an Instagram video on iOS by using this application. Also, you can go after any of the web-based option mentioned above.

How to save videos from Instagram on Android?

Though Android users don’t have any kind of restriction, therefore, there are several options available for Android users. If you are an Android user and want to download any video you liked on Instagram then both web and iOS-based following options can be used. Well, using an application can make it easy hence here is the app you can use to download an Instagram video on your Android device.

Repost for Instagram is available on PlayStore and suggested by most people. Also, the app is free, but you may have to fight up with the ads. Now, you can download any video and send it to your Non-Instagrammer friends.

How to use video repost for Instagram to save Instagram videos?

1. Open the post you want to download.

2. Tap on the three dots to the upper right.

3. Copy link.

4. Open Video downloader from Instagram.

5. Paste the link.

The downloaded video will be saved to your albums simply in these 5 steps and that’s it what you have to do.

Now, you can scroll and download your liked video simply by using websites or applications.


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