Struggling With iPhone Battery Backup? Check How To Save Battery On An iPhone

How To Save Battery On iPhone

The iPhone is the foremost choice of every user because of its amazing features and popularity. But do you think that it is also best at its battery back-up and does not eat up your battery. Though the iPhone is undoubtedly best in all its features and it is very tough to exist without smartphones these days as everything relates to your phone and using smartphones means directly affecting their battery life. 

But with most of life revolving around our smartphones, from entertainment to communication, corporate to domestic, and other various uses, that does mean you can’t help out to maintain the battery life of your smartphone - iPhone. There are many simple ways to conserve iPhone battery life including turning off services and features which make it a choice among all the fun things you can do on your phone to some of the necessary things. 

Best Things You Can Practice To Save Battery Life Of Your iPhone

Let's find out the easy and simple things that you can perform to boost your battery life. If you love your iPhone and don't want to invest such a big amount in replacing it due to its poor battery then here we go with some tips that you can practice in your day to day iPhone use. 

1. Activate Low Power Mode

One of the strongest weapons against battery drain is the low power mode. It enables your iPhone to perform only the most essential tasks and drop all those which are not important for the moment like downloading and mail fetching. Though the low battery mode activates automatically when the battery drops 20% but you can also activate it manually from the setting to save battery life of your phone. So always keep it activated for prolonged battery usage. 

How to Activate- Setting>Battery>Low Power Mode

2. Turn Off Location Services

No doubt, Location Services are helpful but do you know these services like Google Maps or Yelp eat up your battery, unlike any other Apps. Keep your location feature off unless you don’t need it. However, it will lead to a number of apps that will stop working like you won't be able to see the latest weather forecast and won't be able to ask Google for directions for the current location. For this, Apple provides options to customize your app through which you can customize your apps according to your suitability. 

How to Activate- Setting>Privacy>Location Services

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

Another key thing that you can do with your iPhone is adjusting your screen brightness. Smartphone displays are bigger these days and come with extraordinary features and brightness, that kill up your battery inadvertently. But there is good news that you can adjust or dim the lightning of your phone that will not only protect your battery life but your eyes as well. What will happen by doing this, your phone will adjust brightness automatically according to the current lighting situation of your surroundings.

How to Activate- Setting>Accessibility>Display & Text Type>Auto Brightness

4. Shut down Unnecessary Features 

Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airdrop and others which you think not in use as of now, keeping them turned off is a great way to cut down battery usage. Constantly keeping them active continuously searches nearby networks which is why your list of available networks constantly updates that eats up your battery. 

How to Activates- Setting>Wi-Fi
                                    Setting>General>Airdrop>Receiving Off

5. Switch Off Notifications 

Your screen lights up on every notification you receive. It might look crazy to you but possibly you don't know the fact that it consumes power on each notification pop up on your screen. Cutting off these notifications can save the battery of your phone. And if you want an option to find the notification, Swipe left.   

How to Activate- Settings>Notifications

These are a few more things that you can perform to improve your battery life. Besides this, it is important to know what else you can do to help the battery to stand best. 

  • Minimize the amount of charging your phone with 100% or 0% as both the stages are high or low “states of charge” that stress your battery and make it useless before the time.

  • It’ll be surprising for you but true. Charging your phone with a fast charger will degrade lithium-ion batteries more quickly than standard charging, So avoid fast charging.

  • Avoid temperature extremes, both low and high. 


If you want to use your iPhone for long, try these tricks as well along with the aforementioned settings. These will help you to keep your battery robust and hopefully make it usable throughout the day on a single charge. So, this was all about How to save battery on an iPhone. Hope you guys implement these. 


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