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Pros And Cons Of Windows 10

If someone asks about operating systems for desktops and laptops, the first thought won’t be macOS or Linux but Windows. And this statement is enough to prove the magnificence of the Windows operating system; through the decades, Windows has launched many versions, but Windows 10 has been the most successful and global so far. It has some very unique features like Microsoft Edge, multiple desktops, task view, Cortana integration, virtual desktops and so on. However, even after all these special features, the pros and cons of Windows 10 have never ceased to be speculated. 

So let’s weigh the pros and cons of Windows 10, the universal operating system, in this blog.

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Pros Of Windows 10

We have mentioned in the beginning the special features of Windows 10; now let’s understand in detail the pros of Windows 10, such as fast speed, enhanced security, better gaming experience, & others and find out if Windows 10 has been known worldwide for the potential reasons. 

Incredibly Fast Speed

One of the biggest and most prominent out of all pros and cons of Windows 10 is its super fast speed that left other operating systems far behind. It comes with a faster processing speed on default when compared with previous Windows versions. And to much delight, Windows 10 is designed to speed up the booting process by disabling the superfluous tup processes and removing the bloatware.

Better Security 

Moving forward comes security measures as an advantage to determine the pros and cons of Windows 10. With every rising day of enhanced improvised technology, security became a cause of concern, but Windows 10 addressed this problem by improvising its ways. The authentication methods are improved in this version so that third parties s can not freely crack a password. 

There are also other improvements in the authentication methods like the fingerprint sensor, and face sensing has been made more complex. Additionally, Windows 10 uses a BitLocker encryption program for encrypting the files found malicious by the PC. Learning about the pros and cons of Windows 10 we can say for sure that it provides the best security so far compared.

One Connected Ecosystem

One of the greatest additions that can determine the scale for the pros and cons of Windows 10 is it being one connecting platform. Windows 10 allows its users to combine an array of apps in a single place, for example, the Google search engine, Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Play Store. 

Improvised Gaming Experience

Coming to games, Windows 10 is a superb operating system for the game buffs which comes equipped with DirectX 12 that guarantees to provide an enhanced gaming experience. If you love playing games, then this Windows version will ensure improvements by achieving higher frame rates. So when you have a powerful graphics card, you can rest assured of having smooth gameplay in this operating system.

Switching Apps Made Easier

Another feature to stand beside the pro section in the pros and cons of Windows 10 is its ability to switch between apps using the “task view” feature. This feature was however available on older versions, but Windows 10 has it better. The users will be able to switch between tabs by pressing the (Alt + Tab) key, and additionally, you can also add a different task to the desktop. 

Cons Of Windows 10

This section of the blog contains the cons of Windows 10 since we need the limitations and pitfalls to gauge the scale of the pros and cons of Windows 10 accurately. Regarding Windows 10, it is obvious that you have heard about its user-friendly interface and accessible features but being the universal operating system, it still comes with some significant downfalls. Let us have a look! 

Mandatory Windows Update

Ticking the first con in the list of pros and cons of Windows 10 is its mandatory updates requirements. Though the updates are important to defend your PC and data from privacy invaders and other kinds of threats; however, some other Windows 10 have been found responsible for crashing or disrupting the smooth functioning of the computer.

Since Microsoft usually fixes the issues immediately in case it does not work as planned,  we suggest you wait for a few days before updating your device to get a seamless experience.

Issues With Privacy

Microsoft has integrated Edge, the new version of Internet Explorer as well as Cortana (the alternative to Apple’s Siri) in its operating system to give users a comfortable experience. However, privacy concerns came to light when users found that Microsoft could track their data using these features. Though Microsoft argues that users can always disable Cortana, being a default feature, it comes as a privacy concern to users who can not see or are able to disable it.

System Requirements

The pros and cons of Windows 10 may have evident positives, but the downsides are nothing to be ignored, and one of those is the minimum system requirements. Similar to other operating systems, Windows 10 also comes with some necessary system requirements in order to work accordingly. However, installation of Windows 10 still comes as a rather difficult process, even after your device matches its requirements.

Touch Interface

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows 10 is its touch failure. Unlike Windows 8, this version of Windows did not simply operate with touch sense as most of the touch inputs are disabled in Windows 10. For instance, in Windows 8 you can close the apps simply by swiping; however, Windows 10 does not allow the same. This major drawback in the pros and cons of Windows 10 makes it not a recommended option for devices that rely solely on touch screen technology like tablets.

Reverting OS

The last drawback that comes associated with Windows 10 is it does not allow users to revert back to their previous version once upgraded. In case you have to go back, you have to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

The Verdict

The pros and cons of Windows 10 are all mentioned in this blog. Like every technological update, Windows 10 also comes with its own bag of negatives even after being a universal operating system. We have listed all the necessary points to help you estimate which side of Windows 10 wins the case.

Let us know what your verdict is in the comment section below. Did Windows 10 pass the test or did its cons take it down?

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