How To Use Your Google Home Device As Music Speakers In Two Different Ways

how to use your Google Home device as music speakers

Do you have Google Home? Do you also have a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth connectivity? So, you just made an account on an online music streaming website or app? You’ve everything for entertainment then what are you waiting for? Let’s feel the lovely weather and shake the booty on hip hop music. 

A Google Home device along with Apple Music is enough to handle your mood swings. If you have both, you’ve ready-to-use speakers as well tools to control & shuffle to your favorite track. 

While most of us take Google Home as a smart home assistant similar to Amazon Alexa, ready to follow your commands and help manage your household chores, book movies for you and reserve a table for two. Well, the AI has transformed the world so amazingly that it’s pretty common to have such expectations from an advanced device. But, this feature-packed device designed with future-proof technology can also serve as a humble, smart speaker, cranking out tunes with high quality sound in comparison to compact home speakers. 

Here’s an easy guide giving you insights into how to use your Google Home device as music speakers in two different ways. It’s easy-to-use whether you’ve an iPhone or Android Device.

How to use a Google Home as Bluetooth Speaker?

First, you will have to put your Google Home in pairing mode. You can do it simply in two ways. Here’s how to connect your google home with Bluetooth.

  • Say, “OK Google, on Bluetooth pairing.”

  • Open the Google Home app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, tap the Google Home device you want to pair with, select “Paired Bluetooth device.” In this drop down, you will see other devices paired with your Google Home device. Now, enable pairing mode. 

Once you enable pairing mode on your Google Home through either of the following methods, you can connect your smartphone simply like other Bluetooth devices. 

Here’s how to do it on an iPhone

  • Open iPhone Settings.

  • Select “Bluetooth” in the first section next to Wi-Fi.

  • Give your iPhone a few moments to search for nearby devices, and then pair with your Google Home (If you change the name, then it will appear with that name) in the other device section.

  • Two devices may take longer than usual to connect. If they don’t connect, move the devices closer.

And, on an Android Smartphone

  • With the help of two fingers, swipe down the notification bar from the top of your smartphone.

  • Tap & hold the Bluetooth icon. If it’s not available on the notification bar, then go to settings and open it.

  • Your Android device will take a minute to search the nearby devices. It depends on what phone or device you are using. Once it finds nearby active devices, you will have to tap “Pair new device” or “Search for device”.

  • When your Google Home device appears on the list of available Bluetooth devices, tap and connect to it.

  • It will take some time to connect. If they don’t connect or take longer than usual, then bringing both devices closer can work.

Once you pair a Google Home device with your smartphone through Bluetooth, it will act like a normal Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite track. Also, you can control it directly from your phone and drop the beat from YouTube, Spotify, or other apps.

How to use Google Home as a speaker by connecting it to your streaming accounts?

If you’ve decided to stay home during these summer vacations due to the coronavirus pandemic, then turning your smartphone into a mini cinema would be a good idea. After all, there are plenty of awaited movies and web series to be released this summer season. And, the sound quality is what matters the most in a cinema hall, therefore you better connect your Google Home to streaming accounts. 

You can simply connect your Google Home device to your music streaming accounts — including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, YouTube Music, and more. Sp, when you set up your Google Home, you’ll be asked to connect all your streaming accounts. If you’ve skipped that section and purchased a subscription now, here’s how to do it.

  • Open the Google Home app.

  • Select settings on the home page.

  • Tap “Add”, under the rooms, groups, and device section.

  • In this new menu, you will see three options under “add services”. It depends on what sort of music you’d like to listen to. You can choose either of “Music & Audio”, “Videos & Photos”, “Radio”.

  • You will see a list of streaming devices on each screen that your Google Home can connect. Tap the one you want to log into your account, and then tap confirm to approve that you want to give you Google Home access to that streaming network.


Once you’ve done this, you can enjoy your favorite music, watch your favorite TV show, movie and use your Google Home as a speak with just one command. Voice assistants will work similarly even after turning your Google Home device to home speakers. Unfortunately, you can connect it to your car speakers. Also, if you want to build a hi-fi sound system, then here are some secret tips to build a dream sound system

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