Google Introduced Dedicated ‘Kids Section’ On Play Store With “Teachers Approved” Apps

Google launched Kids Section On Play Store

Google has now hands on the “Kids Section” after so many other successful platforms on the board. Yes, the Company has launched the all-new Kids Section on the Google Play Store where audiences can now find the “Teachers Approved” app for their children. As it was one of the most awaited features on Google by the parents or guardians looking for their children. 

So if you have been worried about ‘how your child is spending too much time on smartphones, especially during these quarantine days, Google has taken a step forward to take care of your children by introducing a dedicated kids section in the play store. 

As the developers are always been known for bringing something out of the box and make the people’s lives easy, hence in this critical time when the whole world insists to live in their homes, Schools and Colleges are remained closed for an uncertain period, Google is making sure that Kids Section should not only appear as fun for the kids but should actually contribute towards the well-being of the children. 

Is This Feature Secure for Kids? 

Well, security and well-being are the major concern behind launching this app, every approved section has actual teachers rating on its quality standard along with the reasons why teachers are approving these apps. Also, these apps are launched after following the proper procedure. The apps are chosen by the panel of teachers who rated the app on various aspects including, age groups, user experience, and enrichment. The app is completely clear to understand and easy to use. The app is systematically grouped in age categories namely 5, 6 to 8, and 9 to 12. 

What’s Else?

Apparently, the responsibilities of the parents have been increased during this lockdown regarding their kids and studies as they are busy as well with their “Work from Home” and arranging other essentials. In this case, This is  something on which they can trust blindly and let their kids play around with teacher approved apps for hours that can make them learn something new and encourage them to enhance their skills as well.    

However, this section was expected to launch later this year but the COVID-19 Pandemic made it mandatory to introduce it before the time. Though, there wouldn’t have been a better time to launch this section  and for parents as well to enhance the skills and take care of their children. 

In addition to this, Google has stated that there are many more things in the section may remain missing for a while because of emergency launching, but that will be upgraded as soon as possible as the developers and teachers as well working collectively hard to make the remaining part glitch-free. 

Update your play store and get this feature today if you don't want a break in your kids' studies. With these teacher’s approved applications, your kids will be in touch with their respective courses and also learn new things beyond your expectations. Another benefit is, Google is a reliable platform and you can perform your Work from Home at least without thinking much about what your kid is doing with a smartphone as leaving kids with smartphones is one of the major concerns for parents.


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