Work From Home: 5 Tips For Successful Video Meetings For Remotely Working People

Work From Home

The term of remote work or telecommuting is par for the course because more and more people are searching for an easy-peasy job, including all the perk & benefits of a full-time job and here the video communication software like Zoom, Skype, Google Duo and Hangout comes into play. 

Almost all the big companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon have an alternative option to work from home. A recent report shows that around 40% of employees in a popular company, namely Basecamp and 50% employees of a digital marketing company SDAD Technology are working remotely. And, of course half of their workforce is working from home. Therefore, the employees use video calls to discuss and communicate with their superiors and colleagues. 

At this time when almost every international business meeting takes place either on Skype or Zoom, it makes a complete sense to learn some video conference etiquettes to plan successful video meetings. It’s essential because besides communicating with your superiors, you may get on a business deal with an overseas client or may attend a job interview on Skype. And impression matters the most, you cannot get it with a blur image, poor sound quality and technical glitches and end up losing a big deal or maybe an amazing opportunity to work with your dream organization. 

It’s not only about your physical appearance, but also to keep your communication and background as well. After all, everyone is curious to see whether or not you have a crocodile on your back wall, therefore you must be ready for a picture perfect background that can do wonders to your video calls. Here are 5 proven tips for successful video meetings for remotely working people.

1. Internet Connectivity

Reconnecting! Poor Network! The Call disconnected, this is the most common video call process that most people experience. Slow internet is perhaps the biggest issue that almost every remote worker has been through. What about the video they cannot even listen to their voice clearly and this is the biggest glitch during group video calls.

Tips to Avoid This:

  • If you are using a shared network, then make sure you disconnect all other devices at the time of video call.

  • Close all extra tabs or stop force of extra apps

  • Pause the downloads if any

  • Set your table near to the WiFi Router for better connectivity

  • Choose a better plan and prefer individual network

A poor connection can demise a beautiful relationship with your old customers and may lose a big outcome for your organization. So, make sure you’re leaving no stone unturned from your side. If you want your work from home last then opt for high speed internet and at least a 1o0 MBPS plan. It doesn’t even cost millions. High speed internet will mark your presence there so that your superiors will keep you in their mind. Anyways, establishing a strong connection or network with your team must be your priority before setting upon a video call with your team.

2. Sitting & Setting

The opportunity to work from home comes up with some amazing perks and benefits including liberty of sitting. You are free from cubicles now as you can sit anywhere wherever you find solace and a perfect environment for working peacefully. Though you are not going to be asked for a weird sitting, but still, it’s upon you to put a brochure on your personality and formality. There are several ways to avoid this weird situation and here are a few.

Tips to Avoid Sitting and Setting Mistakes

  • Arrange A Table

Since there are no restrictions on sitting while working remotely, people sit literally anywhere. They just want comfort of being at home and not professionalism therefore you can see people working from their bedroom, restroom or sometimes on the kitchen shelf as well. However, this is the beauty of working from home, but make sure you are sitting on a table while video conferencing because it shows your dedication and keeps a light on your professionalism too. Also, your face cut shows your confidence while sitting on a chair because both you and your laptop fit perfectly.

  • Keep the Area Clean

Some laptops come with very high resolution cameras and these cameras are so powerful that you can  even see the flaws in your teeth therefore you better keep the area clean before setting a video call with your colleagues. 

  • Stay Away from windows and Don’t try to get Sunkissed

Lighting is of course the most essential part of every picture you may have seen cutie pie uploading their picture on social media with a tag ‘Sun kissed’ or ‘Sun Slapped’. Anyways, you don’t need to do experiments with your video conferencing because it might put a bad impact on your superiors and make sure you are sitting under proper light. The light shouldn’t interrupt your camera otherwise it will affect your video quality and the picture as well.

3. Appearance

Though the HR manager is not going to ask you about your identity card and proper formal get-up but still your reputation in your team is your responsibility therefore make sure you dress professionally. Not proper suiting and shirting, but still formal shirts instead of T-shirts and lower. 

4. Video Call Etiquettes for Remotely Working People

There are a few things that you need to keep in your mind for a successful video meeting while working remotely. These are things to ensure for a professional touch-up.

  • Mute When Required

  • Keep Your Desktop Clean in Case You Share Screen

  • Look at the Camera

  • Don’t speak loudly

  • Maintain a Distance From Family For A while

Make sure you are following all these tips to ensure a successful video conferencing for better outcomes of your meeting along with increased productivity.

Are you worried about productivity during work from home? Scroll down and read this.

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5. Set an Agenda of Call

You have a quality internet, high resolution camera and, of course, dressed professionally, but do you have any idea about the Agenda of this video call? Having an agenda of call will help you to structure your thoughts and have clear conversation without so much pauses. Do some research before hitting the call button because it will feel less boring and embarrassing than showing unpreparedness over the call. 

Most Beneficial Tips to Experience the Best Video Conferencing

  • If you are not the only one in the room, then use headphones for better sound quality.

  • Before attending an important business call, we suggest you check the settings. 

  • Keep things clear and speak one-by-one if it is a group call.

  • Create minutes of the meeting for a better understanding.

These are some useful tips for video meetings for remotely working people. We can bet that you have faced, not all but at least a few of the following problems. This is a complete guide to plan most beneficial video meetings. 

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