Mac BackUp- How To Back Up A Mac With Simple Yet Effective Ways

How To Back Up Your Mac

Backing up your computer frequently is vital if you want to save your important files and data. However, how to do it is sometimes complicated or when you are a new user of Mac. A laptop is the combination of various gadgets that keeps your various data including your important files to your photos, your entertainment material such as songs, movies, videos, and games. Undeniably, no one wants to put their data at risk of losing it. Fortunately, no unfortunate scenario will happen if you take daily care of your data. 

Implementing a few instructions will help you to take care of your data. Initially spending a few hours in setting up can save your days and months eventually. Quite apart from the practical benefit, backing up your Mac will also save you from a heart attack of losing your data memories or some other confidential data.   

There are plenty of excellent backups that can help quintessentially to backup your system. 

  • Using Time Machine

  • Using backup software to clone your hard drive

  • Using iCloud

  • Using Google Drive, Dropbox & another backup solution

  • Using an off-site backup 


The first and easiest way is with Apple’s in-built Time Machine. Yes, it makes your backup easier than ever before. If you haven’t done it yet and think it is a time consuming & tedious task, we’ll show you how easy backing up can be with these steps for home and business uses both. This simple easy to follow guide will help you to back up your Mac.

What is a Time machine and how do I use it? 

Time Machine is the in-built feature of the mac that is used for the local backups. It makes the local backups easier than anything else because it is the in-built feature of the MacOS and there is no additional software to buy, you just need an external device to get it started. 

The Time Machine is exceptionally easy to use a feature of the MacOS. All you need to do is to plug in the external device like hardware or SSD and start backing up with Time Machine. And you know the best things about the Time Machine? It won't just back up your Mac only, in fact, it will keep an hourly backup for the past 24 hours, daily backup for the past month, and weekly backup for each month, so that you can cover the earlier version of the file or document if you need.  

The only disadvantage of the Time Machine is you need to remember plugins in your hard drive or SSD, otherwise, nothing will be backed up. Another thing is, you’ll need a lot of storage available because Time Machine backup takes a lot of space because of those incremental backups. So it would be better for you to use a drive with at least 1TB space. 

Steps To Back Up Your Mac With Time Machine  

We’ll help you with a step-to-step guide to backing up with Time Machine, but essentially, you just need to do the following: 

  • Start with a plugin with hard drive or SSD, alternatively you can use a NAS device. 

  • An alert will pop on your screen asking if you want to use the device with Time Machine. To start, click the use of a backup disk. 

  • And if you don't receive any alert, it means you need to format the device correctly. 

  • If you are still unable to receive the alert, open System Preference> Time Machine and choose Backup Disk. 

  • Now choose the storage device and click the Use Disk. 

Using iCloud

Another option is to back up your Mac by using iCloud. Depending on whether or not you pay Apple a monthly subscription for iCloud storage, it may be quite a good option to keep backup of your data. With this, you can choose according to your need to keep your desktop, document folders, pages, and your mail in iCloud. Moreover, it is particularly more helpful for those who have more than one Apple device to access the things you are working on from an iPhone or iPad. 

Along with this, one can also upload photos to the iCloud photo library and store all your favorite music in iCloud using iTunes matches. Or if you have already subscribed to Apple Music, you can use iCloud Music Library to access your music anywhere. 
Steps To Backup Your Mac With iCloud

Here's the step to backup your data with iCloud.

  • To start it open System Preference on your Mac and click on iCloud. 

  • Now, sign in to iCloud if you aren’t.

  • Select the box beside iCloud. 

  • From the iCloud box, click on the options box. 

  • Make sure to check the box beside anything you want to be stored in iCloud. 

  • Open the finder, here you’ll see an iCloud Driver folder on the left corner. 

  • Hit it to open. Now you can move any folder on your Mac that isn’t already in iCloud onto your iCloud Drive and access it on your Apple gadget and even through the web on a non-Apple device. 


With these steps, you can share and access the same files and system preferences settings with logged on with the same Apple ID.  

These are two options among multiple that can easily help you in backing up your data on Mac. No more wonder what are the best ways to back up a Mac. So whenever you look for a way to backup Mac without an external device. We look at the various kinds of backup options but found these two are the ideal because of their easiest formulation. With these, you can even recover your data if your Mac is stolen, damaged, or infected by malware. 

If your friend lost everything on Mac because he/she didn’t have a backup, then this article will help you with the backup idea for your further safety. 


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