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Microsoft Office App

Microsoft plays a key role in everybody’s life. If you are a working person then Microsoft Office is your right hand. It could be easier if you can access your work from anywhere and anytime. Sounds good, right? What if we tell you that now you can access Microsoft Office on your phone with the help of a single app? Yes, Microsoft Office is an all-in-one app which is now publically available for Android and iOS, both devices. What combines in the multi-functional app is – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With the help of this single app, you can enhance the capabilities that enable you to accomplish your task in an easier way and helps to achieve more.

Microsoft official said- we’re proud to announce the office app is out of public preview and now generally available worldwide for anyone on Android and iOS platform.

Microsoft is the most using software as millions of people use the office to achieve the work at offices, homes, and schools. From assignments to maintaining sheets to changes in the picture, everything is done in the Microsoft Office. Most of the rich documents are created in offices which are saved in the laptops and desktops. Microsoft made your cup of tea by giving you access to these three software on your phone.

Did you even imagine how beneficial they could be when their access is in your fist? This is a better way to enhance overall productivity, experience, and creativity. It makes your task easier, innovative, more integrated, unique and fast. All we can say-

 It is a one-stop solution for three software programs.

What benefits this all-in-one app can render?

The first and foremost benefit is it is the multifunctional app as it delivers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app. It simplifies the experience of the users with fewer apps to download and switch between by combining three software in one app. Thus, it requires less phone storage and less maintenance and can be used easily while being a single app.

Microsoft also added new functionality in the app just to make the task easier. Like it added the functions that people often search while working on the phone such as- things like making quick notes, scanning QR codes, transferring a file from one device to other, signing PDFs, etc. It reduces time and makes your work hassle-free.

It has the power to unlock the camera and scan images using your phone camera. It has capabilities to convert the images into editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Moreover, it also supports the storage of third-party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud along with the templates to create new documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and general performance improvements.

Features to be coming soon

It is not all for Microsoft because it doesn’t stop here. Microsoft is constantly thinking about how they can enrich the office mobile experience with new and innovative features to help users to be more productive on the phone. Microsoft is looking for the things that can enhance the Microsoft office experience with interest in working on the mobile. They want to make the app more productive, constructive, and creative for content creation and much more than this – and not just limited to slight editing and information consumption.

Let’s fall light on the most exciting features that Microsoft is planning to add in the app in the next few months.

Word Dictation- Let's make your task easier with the help of your voice. Microsoft is planning to add a voice feature in the app that helps to turn your words into text with the help of simple voice command and toolbars to easily apply the formatting and punctuation marks you need.

Excel cards View- Excel is the most complicated software to use. But Microsoft is striving to provide you a simple card format to view and edit data in excel table row so that you can readily access the columns that extend beyond the limit of the screen.

Outline the PowerPoint- With the help of this feature, you can give a new look to your writing skills. Write your content simply and turn it into presentable slides with proper styling, formatting, and designing.

Get more productive with all new office app- start your app now

Now no more dependency on your laptop or desktop to make little or major changes in your existing content or creating a new document. A small all-in-one Microsoft Office app can do wonders for you when it comes to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Anyone, Android or iOS users, can now download the office app on their phones just to make their task productive in no time and hassle-free.

How to start the app?

The app is simple to use and start. All you need to do is- download the app from your Playstore or App Store for free and start it without even signing in. However, signing in with the Microsoft account or connecting to the third party storage will enable you to access and store the data in the cloud.

So, Download the office app now and get a whole new way to manage and get your work done in the most productive way even from your home or all on the way.


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