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Photographs you click can look more defined with the CineBloom Diffuser Filter. Cinebloom is a small glass designed to fit the camera sensor, mobile phones or camera lenses. The CineBloom Diffuser Filter enhances the picture quality and provides a beautiful light effect by softening the edges and smoothing the picture quality. 

Different film and movie's (DOP) Director Of Photography use these CineBloom diffuser filters to make the video look intense and dreamy in every shot. CineBloom can enhance the cinematic experience ten folds. Professional cameramen these days are working on putting more creativity in their work, which CineBloom Lens Filters can easily intensify. 

How can CineBloom Increase Creativity in Photography? 

If described from the (POV) point of view of a photographer, they always work on creating innovative photographs and increasing the exposure by changing lens, using different products in images, and even using different prisms in order to get the perfect imagery. Cinebloom Lens Filter is just the right product for those enthusiastic camerapersons looking for a dreamy and well-defined picture. To be precise, the CineBloom lens filter is a small glass filter that is used to cover the lens of any camera. 

This CineBloom Lens comes in different sizes to fit in the desired lens from CineBloom 82mm to CineBloom 20. And once used for clicking photographs, it provides the desired warmth and high definition picture quality according to the background and makes the picture looks unique. An image clicked by using CineBloom Filter can be easily identified because of its dreamy glow and exposure, making it the best choice for budding as well as professional photographers.     

Different types of CineBloom Filters - 

The Work of CineBloom filters is to catch the background light creating a magnificent misty effect in the picture. Cinebloom Lens does not allow the light to scatter everywhere in the image but softens the edges making it less noticeable. Also, the work of CineBloom is to smooth the edges of the objects. If there is a human standing in front of the camera, the work of CineBloom filters is to smooth the skin and manage the skin tone while hiding wrinkles in the image. These CineBloom filters can be used on the camera’s external lens that you can choose according to the requirements. 

CineBloom filter comes in different types, from black pro mist filters to diffuser filters. All of them perform different work depending on the lights and the camera lens. 

1- Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters 

This filter reduces the contrast and enhances the intensity of the image you shot. The picture clicked with this CineBloom lens filter looks more dreamy and creates a mist-like effect. If you are planning to shoot the pictures in bright light or in exposure to the sun, this filter can produce a glowing foggy effect making the image more intense and beautiful. 

Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter is used to diffuse the contrast and reduce the light effect in any image. It can also be used for filming videos and movies making the images more intense.  This product is circulating in the market and it is said to be better than other traditional diffuser filters. 

2- Tiffen Filters 

It is the traditional pro mist filter used to lower the contrast of the image overall. Tiffen filters are especially known for their smoothening factors, like reducing wrinkles from the face and lowering any types of dark spots or blemishes on the skin. It offers many benefits in a subtle form, making this filter a choice for many photographers. 

However, the CineBloom Tiffen Filter does not provide a very dreamy and clear image, rather makes the picture very foggy or misty. 

3- Prism Lens FX or Dream Filter

As the name suggests this filter reduces any imperfections from the skin making the image look more dreamy and beautiful. This CineBloom Lens Filter also offers a clear image just like Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filter. 

It creates a more dreamy effect to the image without putting a lot of misty effects on the picture. The lens blooms the image by highlighting and softening the edges.  

Takeaway - 

Photography is a growing trend on personal and professional levels. CineBloom lens filters provide just the accurate image that you can dream of while clicking a picture. CineBloom filters can intensify, enhance, smoothen and manage the contrast of the image also by giving it a misty effect. A photographer can use the image according to the size of the camera lens and the requirement of the picture quality.   


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