Canon EOS C70 Review: Specification & Features, Price And More

Canon EOS C70 Review

The Canon EOS C70 is the first Cinema camera with the RF mount. Here is Canon EOS C70 Review to learn more about it. 

The Canon EOS C70 has the potential to be a game-changer. It is the lightest and smallest member of the canon and the first to sport an RF lens mount. The camera also features cinema EOS video tools in the mirror style body. The Canon EOS C70 features Super35 DGO (Dual Gain Output) for capturing nuanced images with up to 16+ stops of high dynamic range. 

Boasting completely new factors and incorporating the latest RF lens mount, Canon has evolved its Cinema EOS System with a camera that is uniquely compact and thoroughly capable. Whether you need a camera for videography or photography, Canon EOS C70 combines pro capabilities. Let’s have a brisk view of the Canon EOS C70 Specifications before we move to the detailed information. 

Quick View Of Canon EOS C70 Specifications & features


  • Type - DSLR Camera

  • Sensor Size - 180 Maximum FPS

  • Lens Mount - RF

  • Resolution - 9.6 MP 

  • Maximum Continuous Shooting 

  • Ports - Headphone Jack, HDMI Out (Type A), Mini XLRx2, BNC Timecode, 3.4mm DC IN, USB Type C

  • Dimensions - 160x130x116 (WxHxD)

  • Weight - 1.43 kg

  • Working Level- Professional


  • Display Size - 3.5 inch

  • Display Type- LCD


Battery & Storage

  • Memory Upgrade Via - SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-II)

  • Batteries Included - BPA-A30/60

  • Power Requirement- 14.6W


Audio & Video features 

  • Microphone - Yes

  • Speaker - Yes

Connectivity Features



Canon EOS C70 Specifications & Features, Design, Battery, And Price

Specifications & Features

The Canon EOS C70 features an RF mount that enables you to use Canon’s line of fast, reliable RF lenses with advanced coating and image stabilization. Pro video functions include ultimate video recording, a monitored ND filter wheel tucked into the shallower RF-mount flange depth, dual mini-XLR audio inputs, and a BNC timecode input/output connector. 

Further pro video features include Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus control up to 4K 120p or super 16 2K crop 180 fps capture. Apart from this, EOS C70 incorporates a 3.5 “Direct touch control LCD panel” for quick and easy access to settings. 

It’s super 35mm sensor promises to deliver 16 stops of dynamic range and shoots 4K 4:2:2 10-bit video internally all the way to 4K/120P. The C70 inherits the Super-35 sensor from C300 Mark II with a native resolution of 9.6 megapixels means (4206x2280), this allows capturing Cinema 4K or UHD video without scaling.   

There is no recording limit and its active cooling ensures no overheating due to prolonged use. While the sensor also supports Dual pixel autofocus with iR tracking, on other hand, Canon’s Dual Gain technology enables it to effectively deliver HDR footage out of the camera. 

The camera is perfect for the professional purpose that allows you to take sharp photos and detailed videos. Canon designed this device for videography especially. For those filmmakers who want a smaller and lighter option for their shooting, Canon EOS C70 is one of the best options to look for at the best cheapest prices. 


Canon’s Cinema camera is designed for professionals for videography, but what makes it amazing is its compatibility - measuring 160mm x 130.2mm x 115.9mm. The camera is smaller in size and light in weight but decent in looks. The camera is easy to handle as it provides an excellent grip while holding in hand. It is comfortable for long and a variety of recording scenarios. It won’t feel heavy and its newly designed “Direct Touch Control” function allows users to change the recording setting quickly from the touchscreen panel.


Canon EOS C70 sports two battery variants. You can either choose BP-A30 or a larger BP-60 battery variant according to your suitability. You can guess the battery performance from other cameras of this series as most features the same battery. This will last up to 3-6 hours maximum on continuous shooting. It has a CA-CP200L AC power adapter to charge the camera via a 12V jack. 

Price & Availability
The Canon EOS C70 is priced at $5499 (approx INR 4,05,000). Seekers can buy this from eCommerce websites at the best discounted Canon EOS C70 price. 


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