PS3 Emulator For Android: Play Game On Your Smartphone

ps3 emulator for Android

Do you love playing PS3 games but can not access them on Android devices? A PS3 emulator is a solution. Discern the best PS3 emulator for Android from the list mentioned below and start playing your favourite game on your smartphone! 

PS3 or PlayStation3, was the greatest gaming console a decade ago. It had some popular games like The Last Of Us, Infamous, Uncharted and many more. Gamers had a great time with PS3 games, but unfortunately, they were out of function because of technical problems. 

Today, the production of PS3 games has stopped, but an emulator is still an option to access them. We bring you a list of some best PS3 emulators that can help you to run games on Android phones without compromising the quality. So why wait? Let’s start the search for the best PS3 emulator for Android. 


The first on the list is PPSSPP, which has been part of emulators for almost a decade. This PS3 emulator for Android is also compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and many other mainstream operating systems. The Cherry on the cake is that it supports PS1 and PSP titles along with PS3. Another best part of PPSSPP is that it comes with a built-in touch interface and eliminates the button controls. 


EmuBox is another PS3 emulator for Android that supports several PS3 titles, along with others, such as SNES, Nintendo DS, and NES Roms. Some noteworthy features of EmuBox are saving and load states, cheat codes, hardware controls, and fast-forward mode, which provides a seamless gaming experience. Also, the clean and easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to use. You can download EmuBox from Google PlayStore. 

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Vortex Cloud Gaming 

Next on the list of emulators is Vortex Cloud Gaming which can be downloaded on an Android smartphone and allows you to play PlayStation3 games. You would just need a high-speed internet connection to download and play the games. Using this PS3 emulator for Android, you will have the best gaming experience. 


ePSXe is among the best emulators for PS3 games. You will find it easy and fast, with customisable controls and state saving and loading features. There is also a split-screen mode to play the game as a convenience. This PS3 emulator is pretty lightweight and supports plenty of Android devices; therefore, there will be no compatibility problem. There is also a plugin option that enhances the functionality. The overall functionality of ePSXe is very smooth. 

EmuPs3-PS3 Emulator Project 

This is a relatively new PS3 emulator for Android. Despite being in the early development stage, it performs well. The functionality of this emulator is fast and smooth and is expected to improve its performance in further updates. The only drawback with this emulator is in-app ads, but you can avoid them using adp-blocker. It is totally free and supports plenty of file extensions, such as bin, .pbp, .iso, .m3u, zip, .mdf, .toc, .cbn, .img, .cue, 7z.


The last PS3 emulator for Android on the list is RPCS3. But it does not work with Android devices directly; you need to use mirror apps like Parsec to make it compatible with your Android smartphone. The emulator can run more than two thousand games. If you own a decent PC with a multi-core processor, RPCS3 is ideal because it also supports Windows PC. In the performance manner, the emulator is stunning, and you can use it to play plenty of games. 

So, we share the list of PS3 emulators, and now, it depends on you which one you choose based on your suitability. PlayStation games are more advanced in gameplay, graphics and mechanisms. So it becomes a little difficult to find the same gaming experience with these emulators. However, they offer their best. 

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