Best Vita Games You Will Love To Play

Best Vita Games Of All Times

There has been a lot of hype around the Playstation Vita. And it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular handheld game consoles to date.

Many great, must-own PS Vita games can be addictive. Many good PSP gamers will tell you that they still play some vita games more than any game out there - and with excellent reason.

With that in mind, this is a mini-review on the PS Vita to present the best 10 PS Vita games. Each of these PS Vitas has a remarkable quality that makes it stand out from other releases of its type. In the end, these ten games are our top picks from the Vita.

10 Best Vita Games of All Times

The gameplay is addictive, and you will lose in its vast kingdom - and god knows there are huge fans of PS Vita games already.

These are probably one of the most gorgeous and streamlined games you would have ever played on a handheld system in recent years. Considering their fantastic graphics for the best vita games version, it is no wonder they are among the top TEN.

Best Vita Games #10. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is a narrative-driven mystery video game from Japanese company Aksys Games. This one of the best vita games is based on a novel series of the same name and was released in June 2013. The game revolves around nine characters who find themselves trapped inside an inescapable room that is full of deadly traps and puzzles. The player takes on the role of Sigma, who has to solve each puzzle with help from his three partners during his escape. 

The player progresses through the puzzles by making decisions and leading to a positive outcome; the game is built around logic-based puzzles. Each puzzle can be cleared with one of six possible solutions. Once a mystery has been solved, it cannot be returned to and must be memorized for later use. The player's memory is represented by the number of times they have encountered the same puzzle, starting at ZERO and progressing on to 26 and beyond so that they can solve it again after using an item from their inventory.

Best Vita Games #9. Sound Shapes




Sound Shapes is a rhythm-based platformer video game developed by Queasy Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and iOS.

In the 9th best vita games, players guide various sound-emitting shaped headphones to safety across different 2D levels. The game is heavily inspired by classic platform games such as Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong Jr. Players can select from over one hundred different levels to remix into new challenges.

The game's designer, Jonathan Mak, had previously worked on the popular music games Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Sound Shapes was designed to use the PlayStation Vita's touch screen in unique ways similar to how previous games from Mak had utilized the guitar controller of the Guitar Hero controller.

Best Vita Games #8. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami Tool is one of the best vita games that presents itself with all the features of a 1980s computer. It's an eerie game, but it also has some excellent features to make gameplay more enjoyable. You'll get to play with plenty of retro graphics, and you can even change the camera perspective to see things differently! It'll be just like playing the original Hotline Miami games for Linux. 
The idea of this tool was born when I realized that a game such as Hotline Miami, the original, doesn't support Linux. Hotline Miami Tool is like retroarch, but for one specific game. 

Best Vita Games #7. Odin Sphere 




The Odin Sphere is yet one of the best vita games, a remake of an old handheld role-playing game known as Odin Sphere. The first two parts of the trilogy were released on PlayStation 2, and they are now available for download on PlayStation Vita. 

Odin Sphere vita game is an action role-playing video game created in 2007 by Vanillaware and published by Atlus. It was originally released on the PlayStation 2, but it was made available for download on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita through PlayStation Network. The story of the game is loosely based on Norse Mythology. It received favorable reviews from critics with an average score of 82 out of 100, based on 60 reviews.

Best Vita Games #6. Shovel Knight

As the best vita games, Shovel Knight is developed in partnership with Sickhead Games, which brought Mercenary Kings to PlayStation platforms.

The story mode will feature a bunch of campaign levels that are different from the originals. Most notably, they feature a new character, “Captain Dream,” and his unique challenges. You will use Dreambot and other gameplay mechanics to navigate areas filled with traps and enemies. And Shovel Knight has to sneak past by using Stealth Mode, a new gameplay mechanic in Shovel Knight inspired by the Super Mario Bros. games.

Captain Dream is an interesting new mechanic in Shovel Knight. He is one of Plague Knight’s failed experiments, but he has unique abilities like flying or bouncing on a giant ball. Captain Dream’s mechanic represents the exploration and experimentation the developers wanted to include in the Vita version of Shovel Knight.
It includes all existing maps and bosses as a complete game plus three new ones — which are all playable as Captain Dream.

Best Vita Games #5. Guacamelee 




Guacamelee is an action-adventure video game developed by DrinkBox Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. The game was released on July 17, 2012, in North America and soon made it to the list of best vita games.

The story follows an agave farmer named Juan, killed by the evil Carlos Calaca and his love to break an ancient seal hidden under his town. After being revived by a mysterious creature, Juan sets out to find the beast, defeat Calaca, and save his love.

Guacamelee has a platforming style with combat elements. While Guacamelee is a platformer, it still contains action elements such as quick-time events, and characters have combat skills that could be unlocked throughout the game..

Best Vita Games #4. Axiom Verge

Speaking of the 4th best vita games, Axiom Verge is a retro-styled 2D game with Metroidvania elements. It's like a mix of Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and the classic computer game Metroid.

Players explore a hostile alien world and fight bizarre creatures while solving mind-bending puzzles as they search for answers to their mysterious existence. As players travel through the strange terrain of this long-abandoned world, they uncover the hidden history of this forgotten place piece by piece.

The player controls the protagonist, Trace, who awakens on the planet of Torvus. As he explores the ruins of this once-thriving metropolis, he gathers pieces of a mysterious artifact called The Morphing Obelisk. After solving many puzzles and defeating bosses, Trace can use The Obelisk to unlock a portal that leads beyond the world of Torvus and into an infinite void. This is where the truth behind everything begins to unravel… It will be fun to play and unlock the mystery. 

Best Vita Games #3. Rayman Legends 




Rayman Legends is a platform game for the PlayStation Vita and one of the fun-filled and best vita games. The gorgeous visuals are a must-see, as they are reminiscent of the Saturday morning cartoons Rayman is most famous for. This is most notable in the levels in the Glade world, where Rayman will be animated as a lively and animated cartoon character complete with facial expressions.

The game features a wide variety of worlds to explore and challenge your best high scores from previous Rayman titles, including a kind of "boss fight" called "Globox." Globox is also the most significant and worst boss of all the Rayman Legends bosses. He is a bit of a ham who loves to do all sorts of things like playing pranks on Rayman and other creatures, but he's terrified of heights.

Another feature is that Rayman can gain energy from his enemies and allies by taking damage or killing them, which acts as an "extra life." This energy can be used to activate specific platforms and secrets.

Best Vita Games #2. Tearaway 

Tearaway is a garden-grown 3D paper adventure about a messenger in the spirit world who must deliver an important message to humanity. It's an innovative cross between Journey and LittleBigPlanet, recreating the worlds of papercraft and video game design.

Tearaway is not your average PlayStation Vita game but one of the best vita games. It's not even your average exclusive PS Vita game. It's more unique than that, and the PS Vita needed a game like Tearaway, especially during this holiday season.

Tearaway is an ambitious game from the developers at Media Molecule (the same developers behind LittleBigPlanet). The story is about a messenger in the spirit world who must deliver a vital message to humanity. It's an innovative cross between Journey and LittleBigPlanet where you play as characters that resemble papercraft cutouts. You then take these paper cutouts into this world of the spirit realm, and you play with them and interact with them.

Media Molecule developed the cutout characters in great detail. It's honestly quite impressive, especially for a small team of developers. I've never seen so much care put into the papercraft designs in a game before, and I'm very impressed by that aspect alone.

Tearaway also has a big emphasis on the developer's unique brand of "artsy" creativity.

Best Vita Games #1. Persona 4 Golden 




Persona 4 Golden revolves around a transfer student named Yu Narukami, who finds himself in the middle of a bizarre series of disappearances in the town where he's moved. The show's stars are the Investigation Team, a group of humans and supernatural entities known as Personas. The game's deep system of social links, character growth, and detailed combat is based on this idea.

Final Thoughts

The list of best vita games includes some of the crazily popular games that are all-time favorites for many gamers. With this list, we've attempted to form a good mix of popular games and some hidden gems that might not have gained as much traction as their counterparts.

This is a list of games that every Vita owner should play at some point.    

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