Latest PC Games You Must Try Now With Your Gaming Buddies

Latest PC Games You Must Try

For the last three years, the gaming industry has witnessed many titles, and 2020 was a perfect year for PC gaming as numerous PC-specific games were introduced this year. Before this, PC gamers always had a selective range of choices. Now, the question arises which newly introduced PC games should you play? Keeping this in mind, we have consolidated a list of the latest PC games you must try. 

Before we start the round-up, let us clarify that this list doesn’t include the best PC games of all time. Instead, we have picked the latest releases in different genres, gaining popularity worldwide. So let's start discussing the latest PC games you must try once. 

1. Kena: Bridge of Spirit 

Ember Lab’s introduced its first game named Kena: Bridge of Spirit on the PS5 console. The game left the PlayStation community astonished with its graphic-rich animations when it grabbed the eyeballs for the first time in Sony’s Future Gaming Conference. Kena, a young guide, roams in an abandoned village to quest a sacred hill in the game's background. She has to unveil the secrets of this taboo community that resides in the dense forest. If you love to solve mysteries, this is one of the latest PC games you must try. 

2. Deathloop 

This game lies in the eternal battle between two assassins. Gamers can use powerful weapons and powers to overcome eight targets hidden on an island, and they have the flexibility to choose the playstyle of their choice. Moreover, a gamer can also play the role of a rebel killer named Juliana, who involves herself in another assassin's campaign.  

3. Life Is Strange: True Colours 

It is an emotional adventure game that runs through a narrative. Gamers can use unique powers to solve a multi-layer mystery with numerous thrilling curves. Alex is the main character of this game who can identify, observe and manipulate others’ emotions. This is one of those latest PC games you must try on PS4  and PS5 platforms in multiple languages like English, French, German, and Japanese. 

4. Resident Evil Village 

Resident Evil Village is a next-gen horror survival game powered by the RE engine. Many characters in this ultra-realistic graphic-rich game include Ethan Winters, Chris Redfield, Mia Winters, Rosemary Winters, The Duke, Mother Miranda, Salvatore Moreau, and more. Gamers have to use powerful weapons to counter their rivals and collect more tools to tackle the different battle situations. This is one of the latest PC games you must try on both PS4 and PS4 platforms, but you will be required to update your PC with the latest operating system. Well, the obvious benefit of playing this on PC is that you will get an immersive experience. Whether go with 223 ammo or shoot the demon, playing with a large rifle primer, you will love it. 

5.  It Takes Two 

It Takes Two is a thrilling adventure title intended for two gamers, so you will have to find a gaming partner to enjoy it on Playstation 4. You have to work together to overcome the challenges of this game, and gamers have to assist the two characters, Cody and May, to complete the universal challenges. Developed by Hazelight, this is one of those latest PC games you try with your best buddy. 

6. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life 

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is the next addition to the Yakuza Franchise. The background is based on Onomichi, a beautiful port town in Hiroshima. Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, returns to save his family in this sequel. The game has an emotional story about how far someone can go for his family. American gaming giant SEGA has designed and developed this action-adventure game that is playable on both PS4 and PS5 platforms. 

7. Little Nightmares 2 

This suspense-adventure title is one of those latest PC games you must try as mono or six. They both work together to solve tricky puzzles, and in this journey, numerous creepy yet horrifying enemies create hurdles for them. With PC, you can play this thrilling game on PS4 and PS5 platforms, but some available features on PS4 will be missing on PS5. 


There are many more latest PC games you must try, but they fell off in this update. Anyway, we will try to discuss them in our following updates and are sure you will let us know your experience with these games mentioned above. All these games are playable on PC, but you need to update the PC with the latest software. 


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