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best android games of all time

Are you wondering what are the best android games of all time? Despite today’s gaming industry dominated by Pubg Mobile and Call Of Duty: Mobile, it is tough to shortlist the best android games of all time.  You can spend hours juggling between a number of android games out there  and yet you will reach nowhere. It’s slightly complicated but you need not to worry. We did a little digging and ranked the best android games of all time. We used the basic metrics to rank them such as popularity, downloads and overall performance. 

Whether you’re looking for the best online or offline android games of all time, this post will cater to all your needs. In this post, we have shortlisted the best Android games of all time based on their features and minimum requirements. Have a look at these best android games of all time and rebuild your connection.. 

Top 7 Best Android Games of All Time Available on Google Play 

No matter, you’re at your friend's home, traveling, or sitting idle in your room, this list of the best Android games of all time is flooded with excellent content that gives you non-stop streaming for hours. So bookmark your favorite game now before we update this list. 

1. PUBG Mobile - Battlegrounds Mobile India

Does PUBG really need an introduction? Of course not. With no other thought, PUBG is one of the most popular Android games of all time. The game was released in 2017 and today it is available for both Android and iOS users. The game is available in PC and Console variants which are paid, but the Android variant is free to play. 

Though, some rumors suggest that the experience of playing PUBG is poor on mobile devices, but it's F2P feature makes it one of the best Android games of all time. 

  • PUBG Mobile Minimum Requirements 

    • At least 2.5 GB RAM

    • Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher

  • Best of PUBG Mobile

    • Easy interface

    • Easy to control

    • Decent graphics

    • Exciting gameplay

    • Free to Play

2. Fortnite

When most ‘best free mobile games of all time’ are iOS exclusive, Fortnite is now available to download on Android devices. In the mobile variant of Fortnite, you can access the same 100 players similar to PC and Console variants. If you have never experienced Fortnite before, the concept of the game is simple to understand and exciting to play. 

You only need to go through the map, scavenge for weapons and material, use a combination of crafting and shooting and fight to be the last player in the battleground. Fortnite is arguably the most popular Battle Royal Game that makes it one of the best Android games of all time.

  • Fortnite Minimum Requirements 

    • RAM 3GB or Higher

    • OS: 64-bit Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher

    • Strong internet connection

  • Best of Fortnite

    • Easy interface

    • Exciting to play

3. Pokemon Go

Are you looking for the best Android games of all time? Pokemon Go has that quality to be on the list of greatest Android Games of all time. What sets Pokemon Go apart from other best Android-free games is continuous updates. 

This is an augmented reality game and should be loved by anyone who has ever watched Pokemon Go being a kid on Television. The game is really exciting for all age groups and lets you engage for hours. 

  • Pokemon Go Minimum Requirements 

    • Android 6 or above

    • Strong internet connection

    • 2GB or more RAM

  • Best of Pokemon Go

    • Easy to play

    • Get connected to your real-time friends 

4. Super Mario Run

Super Mario is another game that needs no introduction. It is a popular arcade game that you must have played during your teenage age. As the name suggests: Super Mario Run, it is a running game and the character Mario continues to jump over gaps, collect coins, defeat or avoid enemies just aim to live till the end of the level. 

Undoubtedly, it is the most enjoyable game on the list of best Android games of all time, due to its simple interface and full of excitement to run, collect coins and complete the level.

If you love to explore different games in your free time, you can check out the list of best GBA games and also suggest to your friends if you found them worth it. 

  • Super Mario Run Minimum Requirements

    • Minimum Android 4.2 or later

    • RAM: Minimum 1 GB

  • Best of Super Mario Run

    • One-touch gameplay

    • Simple mechanics

    • Extremely easy to play

5. Cross Road

Cross Road is one of the all time best Android games on the list. It is just like a frogger, while you’re not a frog. The concept of the game is simple: you need to get across with cars, animals, trucks, boats, dinosaurs, and many other things as obstacles and you have to cross the road without losing your life. 

Maybe it doesn’t sound interesting but it is the most addictive game on the list- that’s why we have shortlisted it to put on the list of best Android games of all time. And if you’re looking for a game that doesn’t need any internet or Wi-Fi, Cross Road is also counted as one of the best Android games of all time offline. 

  • Cross Road Minimum Requirement

    • Android 4 or above

    • RAM: Minimum 512MB  

    • Fast Processor

  • Best of Cross Road

    • Free and Best Offline game

    • Simple and Innovative gameplay

    • Same device multiplayer

    • Compatible with Android TV also

6. Layton’s Mystery Journey

Okay, it is the paid yet unique game on the list of best Android games of all time. Despite being recently released, Layton’s Mystery Journey hit the fans of Nintendo. It is a mind-applying game, so if you've been good in your maths class, this game is exactly for you. 

You will here expect a huge number of puzzles to solve, maths problems, word puzzles, sliding block games, optical illusions, and more. Overall, the game is a great workout for your brain. 
The game is arguably fun to play and leaves no stone unturned in making your mind sharp. If you’ve kids and are seeking mobile games, downloading Layton’s Mystery Journey is best for them from the game and mind perspectives.

Would you also like to play PC games? Here is the list of best PC games 2021

  • Layton’s Mystery Journey Minimum Requirement

    • Minimum Android 4.4 or above

    • Strong Internet Connection

    • 500 MB RAM

  • Best of Layton’s Mystery Journey

    • Puzzle Game

    • Mind-sharpening Gameplay

    • Unique and Interesting gaming 

7. Minecraft

Minecraft is another paid game on the list of best Android games of all time. Well, the game is worth downloading as it will keep the kids engaged and entertained for hours. The game is also available in PC and console versions but the mobile version of Minecraft is fun playing. 

Minecraft is a construction sim that comes with endless possibilities- if you have some idea, you can build it easily. It is not just a game or entertainment source, it is a creative and educational platform for the kids. If the best graphics Android games are your choice, download Minecraft on your Samsung Galaxy S21 or Vivo X60 Pro or any other Android phone now!

  • Minecraft Minimum Requirement

    • Android 4.2 and Above

    • Minimum 2GB RAM

    • Strong Internet Connection: Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G

  • Best of Minecraft

    • Innovative gameplay

    • Parental Control

    • Social interaction interface


These best Android games of all time justify Android games completely. So next time whenever you look for something to engage yourself in, don’t look at the PC or Console games like these free Android games you can play anytime and anywhere. 

Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Super Mario Run are a few most popular Android games that have the power to attract gamers. Talking about Layton's Mystery Journey, it is the most unique game on the list as it is a puzzle game and asks you to use your mind. 

If we missed any best Android games of all time on the list, kindly mention it in the comment section. You can also check more latest updates on games, smartphones, laptops, cameras and other technology related details on our website. We are keen to read our audience' minds and write about new technology to provide in-depth knowledge. 



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