7 Best GBA Games That You Must Play Right Now

Best GBA Games

If you have been playing games since the 19s, GBA Games or Game Boy Advance might be new to you. Thus, we have gathered a list of the top 7 best GBA Games that you must experience right now.

Introduced in 2001, Game Boy Advance, shaped like a small brick, was an interesting game that everyone loved to play. However the experience of playing games on the big screen is unbeatable, playing GBA games is something different.  Handheld games are perfect to play anywhere and anytime. GBA games are not only best for time killing, in fact, they are attractive and exciting too. By the end of the impressive looks and performance, there are enough excellent games in its library to offer a fun and thrilling experience. 

If you haven’t experienced GBA yet, here are the best GBA games to be experienced today. Just look at the below-mentioned best GBA titles boasting familiar gameplay and rendering enough challenging levels.

Updated List Of Game Boy Advance To Play in 2021 

Golden Sun

If you want to take the original Final Fantasy type experience on a handheld platform, Golden Run is specially designed for this. The game was developed by Camelot Software, starring Isaac and three other adventures in their quest to save the world of Weyard is really a masterpiece. 
Completely inspired by Final Fantasy Game, this GBA game has the potential to deliver real fun to those who are unaware of the GBA experience. 

Advanced Wars

Another best GBA game on the list is Advanced Wars. A perfect choice for those who are die-hard fans of the Army. In this GBA, you will play the role of a scrappy commander who is leading your army into combat. The small, colorful maps will make it easy for you to see the terrain features and move ahead, while the military looks cute in this game. The concept of the game is quite tough and upbeat but enjoyable. 

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

While Game Boy Advance has plenty of interesting handheld entries in the series like Mario land games and Link’s Awakening, Mario Kart was always out of reach. That is why Mario Kart: Super Circuit was designed. In this, you will be around Themed Mario tracks, trying to kick other racers out with items like red shells and bombs. In the list of best GBA games, this one is the most popular.  

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy is one of the manga creations of all time. Well, don’t think much about Astro Boy, as it's just a name. One of the greatest 2D side shooters on GBA, the game is easy enough that anyone can play it. Almost inspired by manga and featuring a well-embedded story, it will take several chances for a true ending. It's fantastic 2D shooting and beautiful visuals made this on your must-play list.   

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 2

Tony Hawk inspired a generation to try skateboarding. Games offer 3D skating action experience handheld. Everything that the player loved about this game was a comprehensive number of tricks. One thing that can disappoint you is the absence of console versions of classic soundtracks. So if you're a skateboard lover but can’t go out for skateboarding, have fun at home with this game. 

Ninja Five-O

If we have to suggest a game with the largest gaming population, Ninja Five-O will rank first on the list. Released on the Konami platform, Ninja Five-O is one of the best GBA games you have probably experienced ever. Although the story of the game doesn’t make any sense, the thrilling experience of speed and superhuman activities makes this game unlike any other. Ninja is the game captivating its fans for years. 

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

The list of best GBA games is incomplete without listing Mario. Mario is the game that would be on the list of every gamer. In addition to the list of Mario, Super Mario brings no major changes to the experience of the handheld but is still loved by most of the population. It is such an amazing game that can be played by anyone as it doesn’t have so many complicated levels. Can’t say about any other game on the list, but Super Mario World is one that needs to be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a true gamer.

The list of the Game Boy Advance is long, full of excitement, and adventurous. While keeping the taste of game lovers in mind, developers quickly filled the handheld library with some new and perfect games. Besides these exhilarating aforementioned games, you can also try the following games that are equally powerful and capable to meet your gaming desires. 

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • Fire Emblem

  • Metroid Fusion

  • Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire Emerald

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords

  • Sonic Advance 2 

  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

  • Jurassic Park 3: Island Attack (Shouldn't Miss)


We have selected these games from our own experience, then put them on the list of best GBA games for hardcore gamers. You can rely on our choice and try these games to have fun. If you found them great, let us know in the comment section. 

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