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If you came here looking for an “Audible Alternative”, you must already know what Audible is and what it is used for. In case you don’t have an idea, Audible is the world’s largest producer & provider original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks. 

If you love reading books but don’t find much time to actually read, Audible gives you an option to listen to your favorite book. Besides having a wide range of content to listen, it also includes Radio and TV programs. The company is best known for offering its “Audiobooks- once known asBook on tape”.

Launched over 25 years, now available with almost 400,000 audio programs from the well-published broadcasters and entertainers, the one-stop solution for bibliographers has become the world’s largest producer of audiobooks. While everything about this app is pretty good but the expensive price tags that stand at  $ 14.95 make it too far from the normal users and that insist to look for its alternative. 

So whether you’re looking for a reasonably good audiobook app or a free audible alternative, we have dished out some best audible alternatives which you would love to try.

Best Audible Alternative You Should Try

1. Kobo Books

Kobo Books can be one of your picks because of many reasons. The app has a good enough audiobook library which always offers you exciting items waiting for your attention. Apart from this, it has an elegant looking interface and excellent audiobooks listening experience. Most importantly Kobo Books offers relatively less price than Audible, what else you see when looking for the best audible alternative. 


  • Good Library of Audiobooks

  • Cons: Elegant-looking interface

  • Better Price Availability



  • Recommendations aren’t up-to-the-mark

  • Doesn’t offer much original content


Platform Availability: iOS and Android

Pricing: $9.99/month with 30days free trial 

2. Google Play Books

No matter what suits your taste, “Google Play Books” has the best and variety of content. When it comes to personalization, the app leaves the Audible behind and keeps your interest and choices at first. Google Play Books catches your attention whenever you want to read and listen to your desired book. While exploring the library, your notes will automatically be synced to Google Drive.  Therefore, you can seamlessly share your audiobooks with your friends. Just like Audible, it also offers audiobooks in multiple languages. And the best part is since it configures your region, it automatically shows the option of your region language. 


  • No Subscribing Prices

  • Multiple Languages Audiobooks

  • Books Available Under Heavy Discounts

  • Use Notes Through Google Drive



  • No Original Content Available


Platform Availability: iOS, Android, Web

Pricing: No Subscription Prices (But You Have To Buy Books Individually)

3. OverDrive

If you’re a student or valid member of the supported library, school, or any institution, then OverDrive can be your partner in reading audiobooks for free, otherwise, you can't take the advantages of this amazing app. You can also share your suggestions about the book you want to listen to. If you wish to hunt great audiobooks then OverDrive supports over 30000 libraries.


  • Support Over 30,000 Library

  • Give Suggestion For Your Desired Book

  • Access For Free



  • To Access, You Need To Have a Valid Account 

  • Audiobook Library Is Not That Extensive


Platform Availability: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Kindle Fire HD, Chrome Web Store. 

Pricing- Absolutely Free

4. AudiobooksNow

When it comes to offering a reasonable price, “AudiobooksNow” can defeat any other app on the list of best audible alternatives. So don’t overlook the AudiobooksNow just because of its lower prices. The amazing thing is the app allows you to set the timer, choose your preferred speed, and also download audiobooks for offline listening. Furthermore, it recommends books based on what you’re listening to so that you always catch your desired titles. It has become one of the best ethical alternatives to audible because of its mind-blowing features available at the lowest prices. 


  • Over 120000 Titles 

  • Bestselling Titles in Both Fiction & Non-fiction

  • Lowest Price



  • Doesn’t Has Enough Content For Different Niches


Platform Availability: iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, and Web

Pricing: $4.99/month with 30 days free trial

5. Scribd

If you’re looking for Audiobooks not audible of course, Scribd is another audiobook for you. Here you’ll find a huge collection of 150000 audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, and articles on the platform. While having access to a huge collection, you can also customize the narration speed. You can also download your favorite audiobook to listen to them comfortably later. In addition to this, you can also customize the app according to your choice and taste. 


  • Set Sleep Timer

  • Customize the Narration Speed

  • Offer Bestselling and Popular Audiobooks.



  • Restrictions On Some Title


Platform Availability: Android, iOS & Web
Pricing: $8.99/month with 30 days free trial


Not sure about other sites or platforms like us, but we have an audible alternative unlimited at our site. With our list, hopefully, you have to hunt for a similar app like Audible. If not, then choose your option quickly before the free option gets paid. 


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