Xiaomi Black Shark 2- Next-Generation Gaming Smartphone

Xiaomi Black Shark 2


Xiaomi is announcing its new second-generation gaming Smartphone, which will be making its debut in mid-April. We still don’t know what xiaomi might surprise us with, in its 2nd gen Smartphone, but leaked news suggests that it will be coming up with Snapdragon 855 with a minimum of 8GB RAM and Android Pie OS. This Smartphone basically has more RAM than any other gaming phone available in the market. This 2nd Generation Black Shark Smartphone can also be known by its codename “Black Shark Skywalker”. It is much better than its first model as it has an excellent display, great cameras, strong configuration, and high battery capacity. The database record shows that this Black Shark 2 scored 3,494 in the single-core test and 11,149 in the multi-core test.

Xiaomi confirms that the new model will feature a new liquid cooling system called Liquid cool 3.0, which not only cools the processor but also makes the entire Smartphone cool. This new feature of liquid cool 3.0 will make its sale improve in every part of the world as they are introducing it for the first time in their models. The previous Models of Xiaomi Black Shark are only available in China and Europe, but Xiaomi is making its move to launch its new 2nd Gen Smartphone Black Shark 2 in other countries as well. Its Black Shark Helo model is still available only in China.


Xiaomi was providing separate free game controller called the Black Shark controller, with their previous Black Shark models. Hopefully, they will also be giving game controllers with the Black Shark 2 model to the buyers, which will increase its sales.

Black Shark 2 features can be as follows:-

• It is possibly be having the same screen size as their previous model i.e. 6.1in.

• It is coming up with the new liquid cooling technology i.e. “Liquid cooling 3.0”.

• It will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and will support 27W fast charging.

• This device will be running on Android 9.0(pie) and have a minimum of 8GB RAM with an extendable memory of 128GB.

• Black Shark 2 achieved scores after being tested, got 3,494 from the single core test and 11,149 from the multi-core test.

• The company is going to give gamepad 2.0 controllers along with its gaming Smartphone.

• Xiaomi is coming up with the liquid cooling3.0, which improves the battery performance of the Smartphone.

Recently, Xiaomi has posted its 9 seconds teaser for their upcoming Smartphone-Black Shark 2 on the Chinese Social media network Weibo by the founder of Black shark, Peter Wu. This 9-second teaser confirms the news of new liquid Cooling Technology- “liquid cooling 3.0”. One missing feature in this Smartphone can be lack of a variable refresh rate screen, higher frames per second count make the games more smooth and more reactive.

Screen size    6.1in
Processor    Snapdragon 855
RAM     8GB / 12GB
Battery Capacity  4000mah
Operating System    Android pie (v9.0)
Cooling Technology Liquid Cool 3.0
Extendable Storage    128GB
Quick charge    Yes with 27W


Xiaomi product director Wang Teng Thomas and Xiaomi founder Lei Jun posted earlier about their new product on their social media network Weibo saying, “It is full of personality, very cool” and “too fast”. Due to this, good Black Shark 2 reviews are coming up in the market.

Price of Black Shark 2 is still not confirmed but it will be high then their previous models as it will be having higher features as compared to its predecessor (Black Shark). 

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