Kayo Sports: Everything You Need To Know

Kayo Sports

Do you love watching sports but worried about Foxtel’s expensive subscription? Don’t worry, Kayo Sports has got your back. One of the best Foxtel alternatives, Kayo offers a wide range of sport-related content in a pocket-friendly manner. It provides access to over-the-top video subscription services in Australia including sports live and on demands from ESPN, Fox Sports, and other popular sport channels.

Without beating around the bush, let’s dive into this blog post that is specially created to enhance our reader’s watching experience. If you are completely new to Kayo sports, don’t worry, this post includes everything about Kayo Sports that you should know. 

What Is Kayo Sports?

Kayo is the over-the-top video streaming service of Australia or alternatively, we can say a Netflix of Sports. This online service gives access to its customers to the entire library of over 50 sports, live and on-demand programs, match commentary, interviews, and docs. 

From football to wrestling to lawn bowls, Kayo has extensive sports coverage that previously available on Foxtel including some leading sports channels such as ESPN, beIN Sports, Racing.com, and many more. Like Sports is a craze; Kayo is also home to high-definition content like replays, documentaries, interviews, bespoke highlights packages, and more. 

Kayo Sport’s Compatibility

Kayo was first launched for smartphones like iOS and Android, later it added Mac, PC, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast to its list. As of February 2019, Kayo Sports was available to stream directly on Smart TV like Sony Bravia, Samsung, Telstra TV, etc. 

Other Google-powered devices like Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player, Mi Box, and Amazon Fire TV are also supported for Kayo Sports, as long as they’re running Android TV OS 7.0 or newer.  

What Will You Get With Kayo Subscription?

It might be an important question for the sports fan. Kayo Sports features plenty of international programs along with local Aussie favorites. The latest exclusive list of Kayo Sports include- 

  • American Football                                                 

  • AFL

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cricket

  • Boxing

  • Cycling

  • Esports

  • Darts

  • Extreme sports

  • Football

  • Golf

  • MMA

  • Field Hockey

  • Formula One

  • Gymnastics

  • Horse Racing

  • Ice Hockey

  • Motorsports 

  • Surfing

  • Rowing

  • Sailing

  • Rugby League

  • Sailing

  • Squash

  • Supercars

  • Table Tennis

  • Tennis

  • Rugby Union

  • Weight Lifting

  • Watersports


As well as users can access live and on-demand matches. Kayo also features sports commentary, press conference footage, ‘Kayo Mini’ game digests, and popular sports TV shows like Sunday Night with Mattie Johns, The Back Page, Pardon The Interruption, and The Late Show. However, some channels like Sky Racing and Eurosports are missing including the English Premier League, which can only stream through Optus Sports. 

What Are the Special Features Of Kayo Sports?

Being a dedicated sports streaming service, Kayo offers existing features including Key Moments, SplitView, Interactive Stats and more. It delivers an immersive watching experience that every user needs.  

  • SplitView- The feature is interesting as it allows you to watch your show on more than one screen simultaneously: mobile and tablet, desktop, or Apple TV. 

  • Pop-out Layer- This can be used when you’re watching on a computer. At that time use the pop-out-player (bottom-right)to set up a small, floating screen so you can keep one eye on a match while doing another thing. 

  • Key Moments- Key moments let you skip ahead to the most exciting parts of the match to keep the suspense alive. 

  • Multiple Cameras- You can add extra camera angle streams to your match viewing experience. However, this feature is available for selected motorsports (Raceview), tennis (CourtView), and golf (CourseView).

  • Notifications- Get notified when your favorite teams have a match by approaching “Manage my favorites” under the hamburger menu. 

  • Personalized Menu- Kayo will ask you to personalize your menu for your favorite sports, leagues, and teams. 

  • Match Center- This will appear in the menu below the main event and can involve ‘Kayo Mini’ match digests, previous game highlights, commentary, interviews, etc. 

  • Kayo Mini- Kayo offers reels that run for almost 20 minutes. In this way, you get a full sense of the match and its pacing also saves you hours to watch the match at one go. 

  • No Spoilers- If you like suspense in the game, this feature is for you. Select ‘No Spoilers’ that will disappear the score from the screen to give a pump to your craziness. Also remember, this function also blocks ‘key moments’. 

  • Choose Your Speed- Watch the match or your favorite shot in slow motion: 1.5x or 2.0x. 

  • Interactive Graphics- This feature is available for limited sports such as AFL, NRL, Cricket, A-league, and Super Rugby and allows you to count the kicks, catches, handballs, and other minor and major parts of the sports. You can use this feature on the desktop, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. 

How Much Does Kayo Sports Cost?

Kayo Subscription comes with two price tiers. Each membership offers access to all Kayo’s content. The only change is how many screens you use simultaneously to watch. Both Kayo subscriptions include a 14-day free trial period. 

The basic subscription of $25 a month allows you to get two screens and the premium of $35 lets you watch three screens. It is important to note that “simultaneous screens” are different from “SplitView”. Even in SplitView screen, if you split your screen across four different sports at once, it will count as only one screen. 

Another good thing about Kayo that put it above Foxtel is that you can register your account to multiple devices. And, unlike Netflix, the plan you choose has no impact on picture quality. Kayo Sports streams in 1080p by default and will automatically scale down if your network connection gets weak. 

This is our simple guide on Kayo Sports. If you are new to Kayo, hopefully, this would be helpful for you. If you have any other queries like How to Sign up to Kayo Sports or How to watch Kayo Sports, or How much data does Kayo Sports use, leave your comment in the below section. We will help you with your queries ASAP. 


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