Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review: A Smart Foldable Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung always keeps upgrading its products. With Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the company has launched another rival to foldable phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the new entry to the foldable smartphone market that launched with its sibling Galaxy Z Flip 4. Let’s give an eye on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review. 

Foldable phones have changed the way we see smartphones. They are more interesting, impressive, and undoubtedly delicate. The robustness of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is discussed in this review. So, buyers do not have to worry about the potency of the phone because the company has invested a lot in designing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

Before digging into the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review, let’s look at a brief table for the key specifications and features. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Specifications and Features

Brand & Model 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 

Price in India

Rs 89,999 (approximately)

Dimensions (mm) 

Unfolded: 155.1 x 130.1 x 6.3 mm
Folded: 155.1 x 67.1 x 14.2-15.8 mm


263 g (9.28 oz)

Battery capacity (mAh)

Li-Po 4400 mAh

Colour Availability 

Graygreen, Phantom Black, Beige, Burgundy


1812 x 2176 pixels

Processor & Processor make

Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (4 nm)



Internal storage

256 GB and 512 GB, 1TB 12 GB 

Rear camera

50MP wide,10MP telephoto and 12 MP ultrawide 

Operating system

Android 12L, One UI 4.1.1

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a newly launched smartphone which makes multitasking easy on a big screen. The camera quality, display brightness, and sleeker package make it an engrossing handset. However, the prices are high and slightly heavy, but it still manages to impress the audience.    


  • Wider front screen 

  • Upgraded camera 

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • New taskbar improves multitasking



  • Bulky and expensive


Now you have got a rough idea about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 specifications and features. Let's discuss the detailed review to get better insights. 

A smart foldable phone making multitasking easy: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Go through this detailed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review before buying.

Design and Build

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets folded from the mid, which turns it into a vertically half. It seems strange, but it makes it simple to carry in a pocket. Regardless of its folding feature, it still manages to show notifications and take photos. 

The phone's screen is a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED Cover screen when folded. When opened, it becomes a larger screen of 7.6 inches dynamic AMOLED. A smoother hinge still delivers a satisfying clap when folded shut. 

Camera Performance 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is no longer a step behind in camera performance. The foldable phone features a 50MP, 12MP, and 10MP camera responsible for quality images. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review suggests that the phone's camera is the same as the Galaxy S 22 and Galaxy S22 Plus.

The brighter feature works perfectly, helping to take clearer and sharp photos. The triple X optical zoom and 30 X space zoom are perfect for focusing on objects. 

Talking about the selfie camera, the phone houses a 10 MP resolution on the front of the right side of the 7.6-inch display with a lowly 4MP sensor.

You can enlarge the rear selfie mode if you want the best results.  

Software Performance

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is powered by the new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip along with 12GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review shows that the phone does not support external memory, but it has enough internal memory; 256GB, 512GB, and 1 TB memory variants. 

This massive storage makes it compatible with almost all games, multiple browsing, and many other tasks. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, which delivers strong benchmark results on Geekbench and 3DMark. It is comparatively faster than Galaxy S22 Ultra, as we observed in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review. 

Price and Availability 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price is slightly higher than other foldable phones available on the market. The price starts from $1,799 for 256GB of storage and goes upwards for the higher variants. The 512GB and 1TB variants will cost somewhere around $1,919 and $2,159 respectively. 

As far as the availability is concerned, the phone is available throughout the world, including India. Though the phone is now on sale, many best eCommerce websites are offering deals. If you are low on budget, don't worry, you can buy it from the official Samsung website through Finance+. Check the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review and book your phone now!

Take Away!

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a fine evolution of the best foldable phones. It allows you to multitask, saves your time, and makes you more productive than ever. All in all, it would be called a mini tablet that gets more tasks done in less time on a big screen. Maybe you won't get it in the upcoming iPhone 14

Samsung always takes credit for bringing high-end smartphones, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 is among them. Let's wait for the upcoming Samsung smartphone. What features will it bring? 

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