Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review: Complete Specifications With True Details

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a fine mid-range phone with adequate features. It is a handy phone, available with a few attractive features like a vibrant display, impressive design, and average camera. However, the phone is criticized for some issues like slow charging, laggy software, and unimpressive battery life. In this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review, you will come across the true details. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE arrived around five months after it was expected. The phone is 11 months and one week late to its Galaxy S21 family other phones just before the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S22 series. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE faced lots of challenges before coming to the smartphone market. 

The is purportedly the budget member of the Samsung Galaxy S21, offering almost the same features and specifications to other family members but at the lowest prices, just because of some downgrade features that users hardly notice. 

Before moving further and digging into the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe review, take a quick view of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE specifications and features in the below-mentioned table. 


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: specification and features 

Design & Display

  • Display

    • Size - 6.40 inches

    • Type - AMOLED

Camera Features

  • Primary (Front) - 13MP along 

  • Secondary (Rear) - 12MP+12MP+8MP

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Specifications

  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

  • Ram - 6GB and 8GB

  • Battery - 4,500

  • Charging Type - Wireless charging

  • Storage - 256GB max

  • Network Type - 5G LTE

  • Sim Slot - Dual

  • External Memory card - NO

  • Processor - Android 102

  • UI - One UI 4 

  • Colors: Black, Green, White, Pink

Pros & Cons 


  • Gaming Does not lag

  • Camera is Quite Good

  • Affordable

  • Four Color & Two Storage Variant 


  • Doesn’t have an extra slot for memory

  • Battery-life is Disappointing

  • Plastic Body



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Performance and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE runs on Android 12 with Samsung’s One UI 4 fork laid over the top. The best change it brings is customization, which means users can pick a colour theme for the menu and icons. The phone is being criticized for its low processing. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE using Snapdragon 888 chipset. Although it is the top-end Android processor, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is already being used in other latest phones. 

In our Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review, we played games on the phone and found the performance quite okay with quick loading and no lagging or freezing. 

So we would like to mention that the phone is good for gaming and fine for streaming media. But we recommend using headphones during gaming and streaming because you may accidentally cover the phone speakers when holding them horizontally that can disturbe the sound.   

If we talk about the design of the phone, it is nowhere different from its siblings, the same rear camera, Contour Cut Bump, to house the three lenses. Yes, it is true that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a plastic phone, or you can call it Glastic. However, it is easier to grip, and they are more durable but look cheaper in hand. It is comfortable to hold, slimmer, and lighter. The handset comes in four vibrant colours: Black, White, Pink, and classy Green. 

The phone boasts a 6.4-inch screen, with 1080X2400 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. With an AMOLED panel, the colour, contrast, brightness all look great and make it perfect for streaming and playing games. 

According to the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review, there is a 12MP+12MP+8MP camera setup at the back and 32MP at the front. When we shot from the camera, we found quite clear and colourful pictures. 

Talking about the front camera, snaps look brighter and more detailed, even in the low-light. With regards to the video recording, both front and back cameras can hit 4K. One thing that might disappoint users is S21 can shoot 8K where FE can’t. 

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has 4,500 battery backup, which is a standard size but still disappoints with battery life. 

It comes in two versions, 6GB or 8GB RAM with 128 GB and 256 GB storage on different pricing points. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Price

6BG, 128GB costs £699 / $699 / AU$999
8GB, 256GB costs £749 / $769.99 / AU$1,099

You Should Think of Buying Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, If! 

  • If you want a good-looking medium size phone. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has similar camera capabilities to its siblings. 

  • You can choose it if you want a sleek, lightweight, and comfortable device. 

You Do Not Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Because!

  • It doesn’t support fast charging. 

  • The battery life is not good as it should be. 

  • You can go for other options at this pricing point. 

This is the complete Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review. We tried to unveil everything to clear all the doubts of our readers. Hopefully, you have read the review carefully and will take the  right decision. 


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