Oppo MeshTalk: Make Calls Without Using Wi-Fi Or Cellular Data

Oppo MeshTalk

The company, Oppo has become the world’s first to introduce a new camera technology that will become mainstream in due course of time. They decided to show off their new communication technology at an event named Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019. The new technology is been termed as Oppo MeshTalk which helps the users to communicate with other users over a short distance without using any cellular data, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth connectivity. The technology named MeshTalk is the first of its kind of technology which is introduced by a Smartphone manufacturer. This is an inter-device communication framework. With the help of some other apps similar to MeshTalk such as FireChart, users can make calls as well as send voice calls, messages, or photos in the absence of traditional mediums of data exchange.

It is came to know that it is nothing more than an application of the principles of wireless mesh nodes to Oppo’s Smartphone. Here, in this new technology, a Mesh network works by configuring a device to send and receive data packets from another device. In case of a Smartphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios can be configured to send as well as receive information from other similarly configured Smartphone.

This particular protocol describes as a proper communication technology. It also allows the transmission of texts, voice messages, real-time voice calls within the range of 3 km without any internet connection.  This technology will customize your communication chipset inside your Smartphone that makes it possible for the same to communicate over longer distances.

Oppo explains in a press statement that MeshTalk works using the creation of an ad-hoc local area network (LAN). It establishes a means of communication between any or all Oppo devices that are in the signal range of one another. This protocol enlarges the communication range via signal relay and can be used between devices over a range of 3 km in an open field. Here, the thing is that it can’t connect only with two Oppo devices, but it can interact with many Oppo devices or users in an area. They will not only rely on the signal but also is used to communicate with the ad-hoc network. The limited radius can also be achieved in urban environments through a phone’s relay claims the company.

Oppo is currently working on making MeshTalk that is more efficient. For which you will be able to communicate with other Oppo users in the neighborhood over a distance of 3kms. The company has not yet discussed the use of MeshTalk technology in some situations like emergency communications, outdoor environments, extreme environment, etc.  


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