Google Maps AR Navigation- Is Coming Soon

Google Maps AR Navigation

About 90% of the people use Google maps for travelling, nowadays. If you guys find Google maps is a convenient way for travelling then now it will become more helpful for you because it is coming with AR mode.  Somewhere you probably encountered a common problem which direction you have to walk even with the help of Google maps but no more. Currently, you can see the simple line that indicates your mentioned route but it can confuse you sometimes and may take you in the wrong direction for a while. 
But now, Google map is getting in AR mode that should make you easier in finding directions. Hopefully, you guys have experienced AR (Augmented Reality) on two different ends of the spectrum. Some have played AR games and many have used AR in professional settings. So, it will be easier for the audience to understand how it works? 



In I/O developer conference- held in May 2018 – Google announced its features. Finally, the company has released a trial version of the AR feature in Google maps and said it is as good as you expect to be. The process of its working will make you clearer. We call this method ‘Global localization’ along with it combines visual positioning services including street view and machine learning.  
How it will work? The one who searches for the walking direction in Google maps will able to see new ‘Start AR’ option. After starting this option, the app will ask you to look some recognize landmarks around you and get started with AR to navigate. The AR mode will automatically turn on your camera. An arrow mark will show on your screen which will navigate you with the help of landmarks, famous restaurants and other known places of interest around you.
Eventually, Google map is essential to

at unknown places. It is hard to imagine yourself at a new place to which you are not aware of. But, using Google Map in AR you will become self dependable and need not ask for an address to anybody.
With the help of AR mode in Google map, The Wall Street Journal claims that there will be no mistake place in the directions you should walk. A big bold arrow floats on the screen will help you to navigate the direction and screen will show a live view of the map at the bottom. 
Right now, Google is testing this with local guides and hoping for the best results. Nor we have any idea when it will come among consumers neither have any option except to wait.

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