Twitter Trends: Now Twitter Will Explain Why Something Is Trending

twitter will explain why something is trending

Twitter seems to be the most accessible weapon for ordinary people to raise their voices internationally or to an extended area. It seems easy to rank a hashtag on Twitter, as every day comes with a strange trend and, of course, the same question — “Bro, Why Is This Trending?” 

People sometimes make strange trends on Twitter. In fact, “Why Is This Trending?” was tweeted more than one million times last year. Twitter users really want to know why something is trending and the microblogging website took this into consideration.

Twitter recently released a statement saying while twitter trends often show the hot topic that people are talking about around the world, these trends may leave many users confused, thinking “why is this trending”? Twitter said it feels that the users want to know why certain topic trends on twitter. While you can easily get to know the latest trends on twitter, it won’t be easy to know the reason unless you gatecrash into the comment section.

Therefore, Twitter adds pinned tweets and a short description elaborating trending topics to help people understand how they become popular or trending. In a blog post confirming the news, the company said it would soon start adding relevant pinned tweets to some trending topics on Twitter. This change will take place on both iOS and Android applications, and then would be heading to the Twitter web as well. Descriptions will continue to roll out for the coming weeks, said Twitter.

According to Twitter, pinned tweets and descriptions will be created by the combination of algorithms and manual curiosity and the descriptions help you know why something is trending and will be 100% human-created. Algorithms will prevent spam and abusive tweets to be pinned to the screen.

The Twitter trends section comes under frequent criticism to assist in preventing the spread of misinformation. TrendToReview News finds that in the previous pro-Saudi Arabia conversation point they have a trend on twitter. Hashtags related to QA Conspiracy theories have also ranked in this section. Getting these Twitter Trends can help a message spread online, converting a section into a battleground for actors.

Twitter is not the only microblogging website to have faced trouble with the trending section. In 2018, Facebook also removed its trending topic section after confronting years of criticism for its involvement in spreading information and manipulating and false stories. Twitter has since released a dedicated trending section, news tab, featured stories crafted by a team of human editors. 

The company confirmed that the new representative tweets and Twitter trends, and trending topic descriptions will be available in selected countries, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and the United States of America.

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