iPhone Apps: Top 10 iPhone Apps Can Be You All-Time Entertainer

top 10 iPhone apps

Because mobile is a smart device, it has many things to offer besides calls and messages. Mobile could be a rigorous reason to kill the time and entertain yourself and what could be better than funny apps and interesting games to help against boredom. These apps contain hilarious content such as quizzes, jokes, pictures, memes, videos, and jokes that are enough to make your day.

All you need to do is choose a perfect fun app according to your taste and start browsing it. Even if you’re off mood, feeling bored and looking for fun, check these top 10 apps for iPhone, and  you will start LOL (Laughing Out Loud) for sure. 

Here are the top 10 iPhone apps to browse in your free time. 


1. iFart

If there is any popular Fart sound app on the internet then it's none other than iFart. It is universally funny and launched in 2008. iFart is the well-designed and funniest app that has dozens of fart sounds that are  unbelievable such as Jurassic Farts, Fart Wars, Bands, etc. 

2. RunPee

Arguably, not all novelty apps are useless. RunPee is the app that tells you the best time to Pee. With this app, you don't need to hit pause and make everyone wait if you want to go for a pee while watching a movie. This app will even tell you what you missed. 

3. Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a sweet naughty kitty that lives on your iPhone and Android phones as well. You can play with her, talk to her, feed her, poke her, sing songs with her, and do whatever you would like to. She can be your best partner in crime. 

4. Milk the Cow

Do you like Milk? Of course yes. Fill the bucket as soon as possible with the milk of the cow by tugging on the virtual cow udders. Isn’t it something that you always wanted to do in real life? And, yes you can also challenge your friend, if you fill the bucket earlier than your friend, you’ll be a winner. 

5. Dragon Detector

Of course, to witness dragons is everyone's dream. Now you can do it with Dragon Detector App. This app provides you with a 3D Dragon that can fly and breathe fire. Not only this, but this dragon responds to your instructions. For instance, if you push to walk the dragon, put him on a flat surface, he will do exactly that. Not only single, but you can see more than one dragon in this app. 

6. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the most popular fun site. But do you know it has an iPhone app also in its bag for its fans? If you don't have time to browse the site, you simply hit the app to enjoy the noteworthy news, memes, videos, political jokes, YouTube videos, and other fun things from all over the internet. The app collects all the funniest things from nook and cranny and puts it into your gadget. You can simply hit the section you want to check and you can also save it for watching later. 

7. 9GAG

9GAG is also a prominent fun picture website that has an iPhone app also. The app allows you to access the website photo gallery and enjoy fresh geeky humor, cute memes, and many more. Don't forget to save the picture to share with your friends. 

8. iFunFace

iFunFace is an online fun video editor. Just put your face into the funny character available in the app and make your own funny video. All you need to do is, simply upload your picture from the iPhone gallery, or take a new one, cut your face from the picture and choose your favorite character. Cropping your face will take some time so you need to keep patients and once you’re done with that, it will take just a couple of seconds to give a new and interesting image. Now, take your iPhone and show how creative and innovative you can be. Create funniest videos and share on different videos platforms. 

9. Instant Buttons

If you are in the mood to prank with your friends, then this is the right app for you. Instant Buttons is a prank app for iPhones where apps produce funny sounds. If you’ve no words to express your feeling, just hit the button from the app to explain your mood. You can also play a prank with your friends, for this, you need to wait for a special moment, a party, and any event and tap the necessary button in your pocket.  

10. iFunny

The first thing you need for this app is a stable internet connection. Remember this app can engulf you for hours. What this app contains is random funny photos and you need to vote for it. For more fun, you can also create your own story and send it to your friends. On a strict note, please keep your children away from this app because it sometimes shows mature content. 

So, it was all about the fun that you can do with your iPhone. Why look here and there and wait for your friend to entertain yourself when you have everything in your pocket. Just take out your iPhone and download these apps and believe us you can spend hours with your iPhone. 


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