6 Fun Mobile Apps In 2020 That Will Never Let You Bore

Fun Mobile Apps

Everyone is boring until he finds a suitable expanse to show his creative and funny side or something with similar attributes. These days, it’s normal to feel monotonous due to a hectic schedule and heavy workload. Though what most people are doing is scrolling Instagram, browsing for senseless information, watching movies and playing some old-fashioned online games to find a way of happiness and recreation. If you are unable to find fun and kick in your life, then there are several things to do, but wasting your time or sitting alone will only cause anxiety disorder. Nowadays, thousands of Fun Mobile Apps are available on the play store. You can replace boring apps from mobile storage with these amazing fun mobile apps and doing this will replace your boringness with an appealing smile. Here is the list of 6 fun mobile apps like fun for mobile, available online at play store and App Store.

1. Find Your Faze - Your go-to-go guide

You wouldn’t believe that this fantastic app has been downloaded more than 77,01,530 times with a notable rating of 4.5 on the google play store. The same enthusiasm is floating among the iPhone users because ‘Find Your Waze’ performed amazingly at the App Store as well.     

This navigation app is so helpful and the most amazing phase of finding your Waze with the help of this app is an absolute experience. It allows you to observe the traffic out on the roads with the help of a dynamic model which shows ‘how to reach from a place to another place’ without getting stuck into traffic.

2. Between - let the love Begin With Strangers

If you are sitting quite because you had a fight with you Bae last night, then this might bring a smile on your face. Though the app wouldn’t bring another girlfriend, but this couple game app is more popular among the singles because of its real-time chatting and voice call feature. With 4,99,146 Downloads on the play store, this online dating app has a rating of 4.7. This application is available on the App Store for iPhone users.

Here, you can indulge in the exchange of thoughts with strangers who might have the same attribute that you have and then you both can become best friends forever. From romantic conversations to general gossips, you can just start a naughty conversation with any stranger. Hence this is an amazing fun mobile app to cut down your stress. 

3. What if… - Just Yes or No

Do you love answering complicated questions? Well, this is something similar to your interest. Whether you are sitting among the friends or chilling outside alone, you will find solace by answering crazy personal questions. It’s all about fun and entertainment. You may get such questions-

What if your farts are odorless” but “they sound thrice as loud” you will tackle such crazy questions on this app. Also, you can unlock different categories to enhance the categories of questions.

4. Grill Time App - Show Your Cooking Skills

The demand for BBQs and lip-smacking meat never gets down and nothing is better than learning some hot and tasty recipes. This Get to the grill is a fun mobile app gives you in-depth insights into the tactics of meat cutting and grilling. If you love cooking then this app must be on your mobile in 2020. People have loved this app so much and the grill time app has 22,525 downloads in less than a month and a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store and App Store.

It’s time to showcase your genuine cooking skills online and enhance your knowledge to get the best flavor on your plate tonight.

5. Truth or Dare - Choice is Yours

You have played this game many times before, but this is something different that allows you to bring entertainment among your gang in a party or after 5 shots down. In an upgraded version of classic truth and dare, this game has been downloaded for 64,877 times and has a rating of 4.3 on both App and Play Store. 

You just need to throw a question to your friends and they will answer it for you. Whether they choose truth or dare, you will get total fun while playing this game. Also, you can play this game online and throw their tasks later.

6. YourQuote - It’s Time to Express Your Thoughts

Whether you believe it or not, but there is a writer in each of us. We all love writing our thoughts, be it the last-page writing, wall writing or Instagram stories and social media posts. There is writing everywhere around the world. If you want to show your love for writing, but didn’t find a platform then come here.  This amazing application has been loved so much and got 41,541 downloads along with a rating of 4.7.

You can get it from the play store and the App Store. Its interface is great and you can write and publish your thoughts to earn a royalty.

Next time, when you get nothing in hand. You can just download any of these fun mobile apps to kill your time and reduce wishy-washy feeling It would be great to have some fun online on the ‘Between App’ that is designed to enhance communication between strangers to tie two strangers up with the rope of love and romance.

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