Skype for Android, iOS Gets New Screen Share Feature: How to Use

Skype for Android

After using for two months, Skype Screen Share feature is now turning out for iOS and Android users. Skype has announced that on the latest version of Android and iOS devices, the Skype screen sharing will be available. Through this new feature, users will be able to share their screens with another person via video call. Mobile screen sharing was first introduced into beta in April for testing while it is available in all mobile phones now. It happens with the help of a tap button only. Recently, it has obtained the capacity to conduct a group call with up to limit of 50 participants. To use this new feature, users will have to download the latest version of Skype from Google play store or app store. After the installation of the new version of Skype on iOS or Android, try to make a video call by using the new screen share option.

We will use this option by tapping three dots at the bottom of the screen, and then we have to choose the screen share option. It helps the users in sharing their displays to show co-workers a power point presentation. People used to share their swipes on dating apps with friends or do some co-ordinate online shopping as well.

Previously, Microsoft has suggested that the features should be used for work-related purposes such as sharing a power point presentation. As we know it can also be used for fun like swiping through a dating app while friend gives their feedback or doing online shopping alongside a friend.  This feature starts to work on Android 6.0 and higher, and on iOS starting from 12.

On the other hand, Microsoft records that the calling UI has also received a redesign in the Skype app. By a single tap, you will able to remove all call controls from the screen as well as a double tap will help you to remove everything else on the screen as well. Users can also bring all the controls back to the screen once again by a single tap. There are also some new features available in three dots menu which are present at the bottom of the screen. The features available include, call recordings, subtitles, and screen sharing, etc.

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