How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan For Wordpress Blogs?

Wordpress Blogs

If you want to get success in blogging then, right services and product should be chosen because every little thing adds up to the overall success of the website. The essential element in a WordPress blog is its web hosting provider.

Web hosting is like a pillar on which the blog is stand. If the web hosting is unable to handle traffic and your blog, then there is no use of posting high-quality articles and blog post. No one will be able to read the articles. So, it becomes necessary to choose the best web hosting plan for WordPress blogs.

But, how will you know which web hosting will be best for your WordPress blogs? A best web hosting plan is a combination of sufficient data and great features that helps in the growth of the blog.

Features Should Be In Best Hosting Plan

A best hosting plan is complicated to find. But from analyzing a plan's features and price, you can know which hosting plan is best for your WordPress blogs. A best hosting plans have a balanced amount of sufficient data limits and must load with lots of features.

Bandwidth Limit

A bandwidth limit is the data limit for traffic on the blog. How much traffic your server can handle is entirely depends on the bandwidth limit. In some hosting plans, they allow a defined amount of traffic only. While some hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth or unmetered bandwidth. Means there is no limit on how much traffic can come to your blogs. So the bandwidth limit should be chosen carefully after analyzing how much traffic your blog will get.

Storage Space( Disk Space)

Storage space is the amount of space you get in the server to store your blog data online. On this space, your blog will get stored too. Along with other data like plugins, themes, images, videos.

There will be a problem if the storage space will run out of sufficient memory like in our mobile phones. It will cause our blog to slow down, and users will feel lousy user experience. So to prevent from this happening then the storage space should be sufficient for a blog's need.

Server Security

Hackers are continuously trying to hack a popular website for accessing data. Their main target is the WordPress blog and websites because WordPress is the most widely used service. So the risk increases for Wordpress blogs. To be safe from a hacker, web hosting should provide advanced security and firewalls. They should look after the safety of the servers and blogs.

Extreme Support

The best web hosting is those on which people have trust and believe they have excellent support from web hosting. Web hosting should provide an excellent support team to handle any issues. Their support team should be knowledgable and should be understanding. So they can solve the problems of their customers. The support should be available for 24/7.

Now, we know which qualities make a web hosting plan best for WordPress blogs. But if you search for web hostings, then you will get hundreds of results, and it becomes difficult to see every hosting plan. So to save your lot of time we, have mentioned one of the best web hosting plans for WordPress blogs.


Cloudways is a cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is better than shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Because cloud hosting is more powerful. Cloudways have been serving customers for many years and have fulfilled the needs of their customers. They are famous for offering excellent services at an affordable price. Their hosting plans are scalable for your growing blog.

CloudwaysCDN offers power to reach globally and improve data transfer speed between users from all over the world. CDN service is a simple technique yet influential in managing server load, and it prevents the server from getting overload.

Cloudways hosting plans come with lots of premium features. Like free SSL certificate, free site migration, free daily backups, free cache plugin for WordPress, and many more services to help users.

They have implemented powerful and useful techniques to improve the server as well as blog speed. So that user will not have to worry about sever getting slow. They have self-healing servers which heal themselves automatically after having any issues occurred. With this fantastic technology, you can focus on your work instead of worrying about the server down.

Those who have no programming and technical knowledge can easily use and manage their blog with the help of Cloudways. They provide excellent services like free site migration, which allows you to move your blog to Cloudways. For the migration process, you don't have to do any setting and all. The migration team will handle all the process.

Cloudways support teams are very knowledgeable and advanced. They are available for helping e for 24/7 all over the world. The support team is very understanding, and they clearly understand what problem you are facing. You can connect to them through the live chat or a phone call.

Cloudways offers excellent features and services at cheap rates. Their basic plans start with 10$/month, and they provide 1TB bandwidth, 25GB SSD storage, one processor,1GB RAM, and with additional features that are for every hosting plan.

The Additional Features Includes

  • free SSL certificate
  • unlimited site migration
  • breeze cache plugin
  • two-factor authentication
  • automatic daily backups
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • cache plugin
  • DDoS protection
  • dedicated firewalls
  • PHP 7 ready
  • 1-click install apps

However, for those who are still not convinced with Cloudways, then they can use the 14 days free trial. By using the free trial, they can know if the hosting plan is best for their WordPress blog or not. For activating the free trial, no card details are required. You only have to create a valid Cloudways account, and then you can enjoy the free trial for 14 days. If you want to get excellent results, then you should try Cloudways hosting plans. Try it yourself and know.

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