How to schedule SMS on android phones?

Schedule SMS on android phones

It is very common to all of us to forget some important task for the specific date. Suppose some important birthdays & anniversary etc. If you don’t want to wish “belated happy birthday” to your friends or “Belated anniversary” to your Parents or don’t want to skip any imperative meeting then you would go for Automatically Forward Text Messages.

Well, if you don’t want to miss some special dates and your daily routine information as well like you asked your PA to ‘bring that important file with him/her’ then you can Schedule a Text Message Android

Unfortunately, Send Automatic Text Messages Android is only possible with certain Android smartphones but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible with the rest of the mobile phones. There are some Message Scheduler Apps available that will help you to schedule SMS on android phones.

Method 1. With Your Mobile In-Built Feature

Some flagship mobile phones like Samsung galaxy or one plus 6 have this option by default.  Most of the people are not aware of the functions of their phones. So we are going to discuss how to schedule SMS on Samsung Galaxy:

1.    First of all, write a new text message or open the previous conversation if you have any and enter your text at the bottom. Remember, do not press Send!

2.    Tap on the three-dot button, ‘More’, located at the top right corner of the app.

3.    Now, ‘More’ will show various options, one of them is “Schedule Message”, tap on it.

4.    This is the time to choose the day and time you want to send your message.

5.    Tap on ‘done’ afterward.

6.   After doing this, your message will be saved as a draft until the finally date & time has come which you have scheduled.

Method 2. Send Automatic Text Message Android with Third-Party Apps

Don’t be upset if you don’t have Samsung galaxy or any other phone having this feature in-built because we have Message Scheduler App for the options other than above-mentioned phones.

Textra SMS

‘Textra’ is one of the most popular Message Scheduler App for Best android phones under 20K. The app is packed with the feature that users are looking for. It customizes the texting according to the users want. It contains various features like color changing option of text bubbles or sends messages from the pull-down Notification Drawer. Below are the steps for Schedule a Text Message Android with the help of Textra SMS.

1.    Open the conversation and write a message for the one to whom you want to drop but be careful not to press send.

2.    Now tap on the “+” icon placed on the left of the text box to add emotions, pictures, GIFs and more.

3.    Press the icon clock located in the middle.

4.   Next, you need to set the date and time for the schedule message. Once you have done with this, a green clock icon will appear on top of the “send” icon.

5.   If you want to unscheduled the message then simply tap on the send icon and click on the “Unschedule” button.

Do it later

‘Do it later’ is another Message Scheduler App specially designed for those who have mobile phones other than Samsung galaxy and one plus 6. The most important part of the app is not only set reminders but also write posts in advance for social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the steps to Schedule a Text Message Android with Do it later app.

1.    Open the app and hit on the ‘+’ button located in the lower right corner.

2.    Now schedule your SMS.

3.    Next, you need to select the Recipients and type of message.

4.    Select the time and date.

5.    Hit the schedule button placed in the top right corner.

6.    When you are done, you will be able to see all your scheduled massages.

It’s a human tendency to forget simple things. Instead of getting upset, cheer up and enjoy every moment when Message Scheduler App is available. You can simply install these apps to generate Send Automatically Text Messages Android system in your android phones. This process will never let you down and moreover, it will polish your image in public.

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