The Significance of Bulk SMS Service for eCommerce in India

Bulk SMS Service

An eCommerce site is simply an online store that stays in business by selling goods and services via its website. Basically, the existence of an eCommerce website depends on selling goods and services. So, bulk SMS service for eCommerce assists them to grow their brand, drive more traffic to their site, remarket goods and services, increase their conversion and sales, share shopping details, and provide shipping information to their customers.

Here is how you can achieve all that through bulk SMS service for eCommerce:

  • Driving more traffic to eCommerce website

Every eCommerce company knows that increased traffic on the site results in increased sales and revenue. Bulk SMS service is your best bet if you are assigned the task of creating traffic and sales on an eCommerce website.

Besides that, if you have already managed to create a good customer base, you need the bulk SMS service to send them text messages. Furthermore, if you are planning to develop new leads on the site, then you can use the service to advertise your site or service to your target audience.

The most significant advantage of utilizing bulk text message is thousands of individuals receive your message within some seconds. Also, research shows that most people read 90% of text messages at approximately 3 minutes after delivery. Therefore, SMS marketing is undoubtedly the best way of driving traffic to your eCommerce site, at a reasonable opening rate of nearly 98%.

  • Creating excellent customer relationship and free feedback

The other benefit of bulk SMS is that it helps you to develop better relationships with your customers. Thus, you should get in touch with them during their festivals, special events, or birthday parties. However, ensure you remain connected with them and promote your services by sending timely SMS. As a result, you build a good customer relationship and increase your sales and conversions.

Also, feedbacks are simply vital in any business. So, if you already have a product or service in place, you can significantly enhance them through customer feedback. Also, if you are about to introduce a new product in the market, or making a pre-sale, ensure you have informed your customers and then note down their responses. In return, your chances of success will be enhanced.

To send your SMS and receive feedback from your customers, use transactional SMS. Besides this, you can either read the replies of customers during free time or in real-time. To have the brand code that you want, use the shortcode SMS service in sending SMS and receiving a response.

  • Retargeting potential customers

The number of possible customers who are interested in your goods and services is many. Either, these customers have ever visited your website, or their carts already have products, but they forgot. In such a case, you can use retargeting SMS service to reach them, by making sales pitch to them, or sending them a reminder.

Possible customers are precious, and their outcome is good conversion at an affordable cost.

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  • Providing shopping and shipping details for good customer encounter

Whenever a customer does online shopping in India, the eCommerce website assures them of whatever they are buying and the date/time they will get it. This gets achieved by sending a text message at every step of their entire online shopping process.

The customers receive a text message to confirm the order, a payment received message, and a final message of shipping information alongside the tracking details. Besides this, text messages are an essential section of eCommerce transactions.

Finally, the eCommerce companies send the successful delivery message to their customers, and to make sure the delivery is valid.

  • Increase sales and conversions

You can increase sales and conversions in many ways using a text messaging service. Among the ways are:

  • Sending personalized messages to your customers during festivals, their birthdays, and special events. Creating good relations with customers results to increase sales and conversion.

  • Advertising to new users and bringing more sales.

  • Reminding customers regarding unpaid bills, services, and products.

  • Pitching your new product and services to your customers, leading to increased conversion.

  • Sharing the shopping and shipping details at each step of the entire process. This provides a better customer encounter, as well as positive outcomes in some abandoned carts.


In 2017, the eCommerce industry in India was worth $ 38.5 billion, and its growth was rapid. From 2000, many eCommerce companies were established, and they are still growing. As of July 2017, India had 470 million internet users, and professionals predicted it would be the second largest internet base worldwide in 2034.

So, the already in existence and new eCommerce companies will have excellent business opportunities. Equally, bulk SMS service will play a more significant role in ensuring your business is successful.

You can try a unique and enhanced cloud communication platform for your effective business communications.

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