Noise Shots X-Buds Review: Finest Sound Quality At The Best Price

Noise Shots X-Buds Review

What is the most reasonable excuse one can ever give for buying a pair of wireless earbuds? Is there anything that can prove the point of such a deal? No, but these Noise Shots X-Buds are truly inspired and prove that convenience and recreation is one of the major reasons to spend on truly wireless earbuds. Available at a pretty fair market price, these earbuds are not only cheap but also uncompromisable. 

With a trend of wireless headphones and AirPods, earbuds are everywhere and the first choice of everyone who is fond of music. After years of AirPods launch, earbuds have transformed the way people used to travel and entertain. Packed with a range of ultimate features, the Noise Shots X-Buds are here. Despite the amazing sound quality and compact design, it comes with an affordable price tag. Though bass lovers won’t feel connected because they might not thump with every beat, these earbuds feature the finest quality of speakers for high-quality sound that would be pleasing to the ears. 

With an array of exciting features, Noise Shots X-Buds are featuring IPX5 sweat resistance, built-in-touch controls, voice assistance, Bluetooth v5.0 and many other features dropped on its side. Now, you don’t need to worry about long earbuds, usage with comfortable design will let you listen to your favorite track for hours. Pair of this feature-packed Noise Shots X-buds are available at a very affordable price of 3,999 that is quite easy to afford. Here’s a detailed review of Noise Shots X-Buds to give you proper insights before buying.

Noise Shots X-Buds Detailed Review

With the advent of wireless audio systems, Noise has now become one of the most popular company deals in audio setups and gadgets. Known for its pocket-friendly audio solutions, the company came up with an extensive range of inexpensive headphones, and Noise Shots X-Buds prove that entertainment is invaluable. With the most demanded audio segments, these earbuds feature the most appealing design in the industry that is not only engaging but comfortable too. The Noise Shots X-Buds tries to retain the trend and establish itself as inspired by the next-gen sound and appeasing features. Let’s have a quick look at these ultimate earbuds and how the all-new Noise Shots X-Buds fit today’s review.


Talking about the performance then it would be, of course, excellent as high-end features and speakers produce high-quality sound. With it’s clear sound quality, you will experience next-gen sound while listening to tracks like ‘Havana’ ‘Faded’ and many other bass boosted songs. Having Mids and Highs in the middle portion, Noise Shots X-Buds are sound sculpted and provide powerful sound through full-bodied design. Also the stand-time is pretty good so that you can watch at least 4 episodes of the ‘Game of Thrones’ without pausing due to battery low. 

The overall sound is detailed with a perfect and balanced combination of mid and high sounds, the vocal sound will be quite good as the bass comes through the sided bars. However, the price on which the new Noise Shots X-Buds are available is quite fair and doesn’t break your bank.

Ultimate Features: 

It comes up with an extensive range of features including some of the most ultimate and high tech features. Noise Shots X-Buds are equipped with high-end features that may sometimes skip the price point. Above all the built-in touch is one of the most amazing features that you would probably love the most. This is the best feature that often comes with expensive earbuds mainly in AirPods. The iconic single-button control that allows you to get hold over sound control, skip or jump to previous or next track, voice assistance and accept or reject calls as well.

Despite an array of inbuilt-touch controls, it is equipped with lots of other features. Going to the previous song requires you to triple tap the left earphone while skipping to the next track requires a triple tap on the right one. Increasing and decreasing the volume is achieved by single-tapping, or sliding up or down, on the right and left earphones respectively.

Design and Outline:

While unboxing the all-new Noise Shots X-Buds, we found the most interesting part about unboxing that is the design and style. Seems like inspired from the black hole, the matte-black color of Noise Shots X-Buds is perhaps the darkest color theme ever. The case is fairly pocketable, however, it did jut out quite a bit in women’s jeans. It is exceedingly lightweight as well, weighing a mere 50g along with the earphones inside the case. The case also features a charging indicator with four small LEDs that light up white indicating the remnants of charge in the case. 

Stand Time: 

With an amazing battery life of four-hours in one shot, the all-new Noise Shots X-Buds are truly amazing that you can binge watch Netflix or your favorite movies without interruption. It accompanies an in-built charging case that comes up with 16-hours extended battery life. So, you can keep listening to your favorite track or any web series. We have seen four episodes of Game of Thrones after one charge. Similar to AirPods and it’s last Noise ShotsX3 Bass, the new Noise Shots X-Buds are truly amazing and come with a reasonable stand time. 

Well, there are lots of other things to know when it comes to this latest audio system but the best thing is the inexpensive price tag it comes with. You can carry these earbuds at home only at Rs 3,999 and are a perfect set for those who love bass boosted EDM and pop music. You can get all these ultimate features without breaking your bank and these earbuds are available online. 

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